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Factors and treatment methods for clogging of domestic ro membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

As we all know, the domestic ro membrane plays a key role in the entire process of stainless steel sediment filter. However, in the actual operation process, due to various fields, the commercial ro membrane will be blocked, causing the equipment to fail to operate normally, and endangering people's daily drinking water.

domestic ro membrane

1.The key factor of the blockage of domestic ro membrane

(1). Improper installation of pre-filter causes physical blockage;
(2).  The working pressure is unreasonably adjusted, the concentrated water flow is small, the pressure is high, the domestic ro membrane is in an ultra-high pressure state, accelerating the accumulation of chlorite, the longer the time, the more irreversible
(3).  Organic compounds in the water. Microbial strain composition is too high, the membrane surface produces organic compound mucosal fouling, which hinders the water permeability of the reverse osmosis membrane

(4). The permeable water quality is too hard, causing chlorite to accumulate on the surface of the membrane, resulting in water-insoluble sulfide dirt, causing water to fail to pass through the commercial ro membrane.

2. Cleaning method for blocking of domestic ro membrane

(1). Organic chemical cleaning.
No matter what kind of environmental pollution, organic chemical cleaning is the most effective method. For the suspicious glue layer generated on the surface of the membrane by polymers, the actual effect is not very good only by physical cleaning. It can be cleaned with the membrane bubble after soaking in an acidic or burning alkaline solution. Organic compounds under alkaline conditions. Silica and biological invasive chemicals are easy to clean, and some metal ions are easy to dissolve in environmental pollution under acid and alkaline conditions. Surfactants and antioxidants can remove strong adhesion chemicals. In view of the different pollution types of the domestic ro membrane, the selection of chemical raw materials should be purposeful to avoid the harm of organic chemical cleaning agents to the membrane.
(2). Physical cleaning.

Generally refers to hydraulic cleaning, such as mechanical equipment cleaning, softeners, etc. The main method of hydraulic cleaning is softener, such as water cleaning and water-gas recoil expansion method. Because water washing has no introduction of chemical products, the method of water washing is more economical. The softener is a method of removing deposits on the surface of the film by blowing steam or liquid on the side. External pressure refers to backwashing with 0.1 MPa air compression or pressurized liquid. Internal liposuction is to suck gas or liquid on both sides of the membrane into the membrane for backwashing during a specified period.

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