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Application of reverse osmosis membrane technology in soybean products industry

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

As a new type of water treatment technology, reverse osmosis membrane technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, and zero pollution. In recent years, reverse osmosis membrane technology has made significant progress and has been widely used in environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants, electronic equipment, sewage treatment, food and other fields.

reverse osmosis membrane technology

1. The application of reverse osmosis membrane technology in the soy products industry

The separation and recycling of protein is the key application of reverse osmosis membrane technology in the industrial production of legumes. The residual protein can be concentrated by ultrafiltration, which can increase the yield of tofu by 20-30%. While concentrating protein, choosing ultrafiltration filter can remove low-molecular structural chemicals that cause soybean taint and endanger the reliability of soy milk, and improve the quality of soy milk. At present, the application range of stainless steel water filter is very common, and it has been extended to the fields of food, diagnosis and treatment, electronic equipment, environmental protection, etc., and food companies are the most widely used field.

stainless steel water filter

2.The characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane technology

1. At room temperature, nutritional damage is small, and it is especially suitable for the separation, classification, concentration and aggregation of heat-sensitive chemicals such as juice and enzymes.
2. There is no phase change, so volatile components, such as aromatic chemicals, have less damage and can maintain the original fragrance. Compared with the phase change separation method and other separation methods, the energy consumption is lower. When separating water, the cost is about 1/2~1/5 of volatile concentration or refrigerated concentration.
3. Carried out in a closed system, separating foods without melanin dissolution and browning reaction.
4. No chemicals and additives, the products are free from environmental pollution.
5. Good selectability, chemical separation can be carried out at the atomic level, with excellent performance that ordinary filter materials cannot replace.
6. It is highly adaptable and has a wide range of applications, and can be used in processing techniques such as separation, concentration, purification, and response.

7. To solve the problem of small business scale, it can be carried out continuously and intermittently, the membrane components can be used directly or in collaboration, the processing technology is simple, the actual operation is simple, and it is convenient to complete the intelligent actual operation.

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