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Application of reverse osmosis membrane technology in the pharmaceutical industry

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-19

With the development trend of the medical industry, the water body regulations for pharmaceutical water have also been significantly improved, and traditional water treatment processes such as ion exchange methods are far from achieving their regulations. In order to better integrate into this development trend,reverse osmosis membrane technology is used in reverse osmosis system in the pharmaceutical industry.

reverse osmosis membrane technology

1. Basic principles and characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane technology.

There is a natural phenomenon in nature. When reverse osmosis membrane cartridge separates the dilute solution from the pure solution, the dilute solution will turn to the concentrated solution and maintain the corresponding osmotic concentration. This phenomenon is called osmosis. If a working pressure exceeding the osmotic pressure is applied to the concentrated solution, the concentrated solution will penetrate to the side of the dilute solution. This phenomenon is called reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis membrane technology is a world-recognized high-tech technology. It relies on additional working pressure to make the organic solvent of the solution pass through reverse osmosis membrane cartridge to block the concentration of some substances.

reverse osmosis membrane cartridge

2. Processing technology of pharmaceutical water.

(1). Total ion exchange method.
The production of pure water by ion exchange system is a traditional water treatment process.
(2). Electrodialysis method + ion exchange method.
Electrodialysis is a correct treatment method that uses the cation and anion proton exchange membrane to select the permeability of the ions in the aqueous solution and realize the transfer of chemical substances. It is rarely used.
(3).Reverse osmosis + ion exchange method.

The reverse osmosis + ion exchange method is the most widely used at this stage. Because reverse osmosis membrane technology is stable in operation and low in operating cost, it is favored by the pharmaceutical industry. Reverse osmosis is a high-tech in water treatment, and it has gradually been widely used in my country's medical industry in the middle and late 1990s. Its application effectively increases the rebuilding cycle of ion exchange equipment, reduces the consumption of strong acids and alkalis, and effectively maintains ecological and environmental protection.

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