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Influencing factors of ro membrane price

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26


    Introduction: Nowadays, many people are mastering the problem of ro membrane price. Since companies must purchase and use reverse osmosis element membrane to purify water bodies, ro membrane price produced by different well-known brands and different manufacturers on the market are also different.

    ro membrane price
    1. Different well-known brands have different prices
    According to market research and data analysis, we will find that ro membrane price produced by different well-known brands and different manufacturers are very different, but when buying reverse osmosis membranes, we cannot only care about reverse osmosis membrane price.
    2. The wholesale and retail prices are different
    The wholesale and retail prices of reverse osmosis element membrane manufactured and sold by the company are different. Generally speaking, the wholesale price of the manufacturer is much lower than the retail price, but this requires the company to buy in large quantities. If the purchase quantity is insufficient, the manufacturer’s wholesale will not Significantly reduced.

    3. The minimum is about 850
    The lowest price of reverse osmosis membranes on the market is around 850. The reverse osmosis membrane of around 850 yuan is not the reverse osmosis membrane with the largest performance index on the market, but the market price of this kind of reverse osmosis membrane is the lowest, and its performance index is not as high as the high price.
    4Generally between ¥1200-3000
    Reverse osmosis membrane price sold on the market is generally around 1200~3000, which is the average level of the market. Therefore, when buying reverse osmosis membranes, we should also understand the current market conditions.
    Ro membrane price is related to various factors such as the manufacture of raw materials and the market conditions. The reverse osmosis membranes sold on the market have different costs of raw materials, and therefore, the market prices are very different. Therefore, when we purchase reverse osmosis membranes in large quantities, we should also fully grasp the current market conditions.
    reverse osmosis membrane price

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