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Analysis of the Causes of the Pollution of the ro membrane filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. The cause of pollution of ro membrane filter

①. Destruction of the characteristics of ro membrane details leads to membrane fouling.
(1) The maintenance of the new membrane is not standardized;
(2) The maintenance meets the requirements, and the storage time exceeds 1 year;
(3) When the operation is stopped, the maintenance of ro membrane filter is not standardized;
(4) The working temperature is lower than 5℃;
(5) The system software runs under high pressure;
(6) The actual operation of closing the equipment is unreasonable.
②. The water changes frequently, causing pollution.
The source water and water have changed in the design scheme, which increases the pretreatment load, because the influent water contains residues such as inorganic compounds, organic compounds, microbial strains, particulate matter and colloidal solutions, which increases the possibility of pollution .
③. The cleaning is not wrong with the cleaning method, causing pollution.
In the entire application process, in addition to all the normal attenuation coefficients of membrane characteristics, delayed cleaning and incorrect cleaning methods are also key factors for serious pollution.
④. There is no proper medicine.
In the application of the composite polyamide membrane, due to the poor permanganate resistance index of the polyamide membrane, there is no appropriate disinfectant such as tap water disinfection in the application, and the customer does not pay enough attention to the prevention of microbial strains, which is easy to cause the contamination of microbial strains .
⑤. The membrane surface is damaged;

The reverse osmosis element membrane is blocked by dirt or the membrane surface is damaged. In this case, the components in the detection method detector should be used to find the damaged components, update and modify the pretreatment, and replace reverse osmosis element membrane.

ro membrane filter

2. Pollution status of ro membrane filter

During the RO reverse osmosis operation, due to the selective permeability of ro membrane filter, some solutes will accumulate around the membrane surface, causing blockage.

The pollution of ro membrane filter is a very complicated problem in the operation of the system. Its occurrence has led to a significant reduction in the sludge load, permeable flow rate, and membrane flux of the reverse osmosis equipment, while increasing the actual operating pressure of each stage and promoting The increase in operating and actual operating costs has seriously endangered the service life of the membrane and the development, design and application of membrane separation technology.

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