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How to remoisten the ro membrane filter?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Storage of ro membrane filter

①. The storage address must be cold and dry, without sunlight;
②. The temperature range is 4℃~45℃. The unused reverse osmosis element membrane is not easily affected below 4℃; the membrane stored in 1% SMBS standard repair fluid will freeze when it is below 4℃, so it should be prevented;
③. Try to store reverse osmosis element membrane in the initial packaging. When the temperature is less than 45°C, the storage time of the dry element is not limited;
The parts stored in the maintenance solution must be checked for the growth and development of microbial strains every 3 months. If the maintenance fluid is turbid or more than 6 months, you need to take out the parts from the packaging bag, soak in fresh maintenance fluid for 1 hour, and dry it before sealing and packaging;
④. If there is no mechanical equipment for storage, ro membrane filter can be stored in the bag containing the repair fluid for up to 12 months. When it is put into a high-pressure container, a partial alkaline cleaning solution should be selected for cleaning before opening.

⑤. The pH value of the preservation solution should not be less than 3. When sodium hydroxide air oxidizes to hydrochloric acid, the pH value will decrease. This is especially important for ro membrane filter of seawater desalination equipment, because in the case of low pH, the salt removal rate Will be damaged. Therefore, the pH value of the sodium bisulfite preservation solution should be sampled and checked at least every 3 months. When the pH value is less than 3, the preservation solution needs to be upgraded.

ro membrane filter

2. Rewetting of ro membrane filter

①. After the used industrial ro membrane is accidentally dried, it is very likely that damage to the diffusion coefficient that cannot travel against the water will occur. Please use the following methods to re-humidify the components:
Soak in 50% alcohol solution or propanol solution for 15 minutes;
②. Charge the component to 10bar and close the water production part for 30 minutes, but before the pressure of the immersion operation drops, please remember that the water output gate valve must be opened. This process can be carried out when the components are installed in the system software. In this case, when the water production inlet and outlet are closed, the pressure difference between the seepage end and the concentrated water end must not exceed 0.7 bar. Otherwise, the production water back pressure type is generated at the concentrated water end, and the pulse shock absorber is damaged. The most suitable method is to reduce the production water inlet and outlet gate valves, so that the water pressure is close to the working pressure of the concentrated water end, and there is no need to pay attention to the problem of loss limitation.

. Soak the parts in 1% HCl or 4% HNO3 for 1 to 100 hours. The parts must be immersed vertically in order to discharge the gas in the parts.

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