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Advantages of mbr uf membrane filtration characteristics

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

1. Filtration characteristics of mbr uf membrane

MBR uf membrane is made of PVDF material, and the polyvinylidene fluoride material has high mechanical strength and organic chemical reliability.

Uf membrane use method uses external pressure and dead-end filtration. This filtration method gives Toray ultrafiltration membranes the advantages of simple operation and low energy consumption. The immersed membrane component is a design scheme structure that sucks from the outside to the inside of the negative pressure. The water inlet channel is completely open to the outside world, suitable for solving high turbidity source water, high suspended solids and organic matter inflow, strong impact resistance to unstable water inlet, so as to realize the purification and separation of the original liquid And the purpose of enrichment.

mbr uf membrane

2.The use of mbr uf membrane

(1) Deep solution of wastewater.
(2) Water production from industrial production.

(3) Reuse of chemical wastewater.

3.The advantages of mbr uf membrane

①. The unique PVDF spinning process has high mechanical resistance and high mechanical strength, which ensures the high mechanical strength, high organic chemical resistance and continuous filament of the membrane.
②. It has a unique membrane structure engineering and pressure filtration method, has environmental pollution characteristics, and can always maintain high-throughput sequencing operations.
③. Ensure the safety of water supply.
④. High water production, with a daily water production rate of 60-200m3, which reduces the cost of water plants.
⑤. PVDF uf membrane is placed in the membrane tank, and the produced water is pumped by a mechanical pump with low working pressure, and the operation mode is external pressure.
⑥. PVDF uf membrane is very suitable for solving high turbidity water resources, mainly because it can discharge and remove sludge reasonably.

⑦. The design scheme is compact and the total area is small. Because there is no high-pressure vessel, the cost of pipelines and gate valves is reduced. Due to the compact design, mbr uf membrane minimizes the total area occupied.

uf membrane use

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