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Product features of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

Nowadays, many companies choose domestic wastewater treatment equipment for sewage treatment, which can be used for sewage treatment in many cases. One of the membranes with higher demand at this stage is mbr uf membrane, which has a key filtration effect in domestic wastewater treatment equipment. So what are the characteristics of this ultrafiltration membrane? Is the actual effect good?

mbr uf membrane

1. It can be used with high intensity

Since many domestic sewage treatment equipment must be used for high-strength applications, many machines will use mbr uf membrane. The application is very common, can be used in many situations, has excellent compressive strength.

domestic sewage treatment equipment

2. Good anti-blocking ability

Nowadays, because the wastewater from industrial production contains a large amount of residues, in many places, the filter membrane must have good anti-blocking ability. MBR uf membrane has this ability, and the anti-blocking ability is very good. It can not only filter wastewater, but also self-cleaning after filtration, with good anti-blocking ability. At present, sewage treatment machinery and equipment must have effective anti-blocking capabilities.

3. Good stretch resistance

Since domestic sewage treatment equipment needs to filter various waste water, in many cases it must withstand greater impact. If the filter membrane does not have an effective stretching effect, it cannot withstand a huge impact. MBR uf membrane has the characteristics of good tensile resistance, high application strength, and good anti-blocking ability. It is welcomed by various companies and is widely used in the market.
The above is a description of the product characteristics of mbr uf membrane. During use, the operator should follow the manufacturer's instructions to use it, and clean it regularly and in the near future to ensure good product quality.

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