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Installation method of hollow fiber uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-20

Hollow fiber uf membrane is a screening process related to the diameter of the membrane. The pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane is used as the driving force, and hollow fiber uf membrane is used as the filtering material. When the source liquid flows over the membrane surface under a certain working pressure, many microplates covered on the membrane surface only allow water and other chemical substances such as moisture to become the passing liquid, and the components exceeding the diameter of the membrane surface will be blocked by the leakage of the membrane. On one side, it becomes the extraction liquid, so as to realize the purification treatment of the source liquid.

hollow fiber uf membrane

1. Installation method of hollow fiber uf membrane

①. Completely clean the system and its pipelines to prevent foreign substances from being added to uf membrane module;
②. Remove the plastic end caps on the three sockets;
③. Place the module on the support, touch the support frame of the bottom core, then place uf membrane module on the bottom support frame, install two pipe hoops, and place the curved saddle pad between the module and the support;
④. Loosen the component end cover clamp, which is beneficial to adjust the socket on the other side and tighten the port. The component port must be in full contact with the female pipe port;
⑤. Connect any port, open the original centrifugal pump, and use the ferrule quick connector to connect, tighten all ferrule connectors, slowly fill the pressure, and check whether the connecting parts are leaking;

⑥. Use clean tap water or through the water system to achieve all-round cleaning.

uf membrane module

2. Application characteristics of hollow fiber uf membrane

①. In the case of great changes in the seepage water body, the effluent water body is still relatively stable and has good water resources adaptability;
②. Flexible operation method and strong applicability of processing technology. Membrane system has unique single-pass cross-flow, dead-end, and circulatory system misfiltering three operating methods to deal with different water or water changes, making the operation more stable;
③. It has excellent anti-pollution ability and long-term stable operation. Hollow fiber uf membrane adopts different structures, and its advanced manufacturing and processing technology determines its high-quality anti-pollution ability, which makes the operation more stable;
④. The cleaning time interval is long, the cleaning and repairing will be more complete, and it has good anti-pollution ability, which determines its longer cleaning cycle. The method of repeated flushing with large flow can also make the cleaning and repairing more complete;

⑤. Thero uf membrane is arranged in parallel in the middle, not in series. This can avoid the accumulation of dust during the entire membrane connection process of reverse cleaning, facilitate the maintenance of each ro uf membrane, and easily and quickly pre-bury some indoor space for future system transformation.

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