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Preparation and process of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-22

Ultrafiltration membrane technology uses the pressure difference as the driving force of the legs, and is often used for liquid separation, and can also be used for liquid phase separation processes, such as removing bacteria and particles in the air.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Preparation of ultrafiltration membrane technology.

1. The key to checking the influent water body is to check the turbidity or SDI value, PH value, bacteria, microbial strains, residual chlorine and other parts of the influent water. Before inputting ultrafiltration systems water treatment, the water seepage index value specified in the design plan should be exceeded. Generally speaking, the source water PH value specified by hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is not strictly managed. It can be applied in the range of PH=2~11, but when used for industrial production concentration, the PH value of the source liquid must be strictly in accordance with the regulations of membrane raw materials. Ultrafiltration membranes have no strict requirements for residual chlorine. Under normal circumstances, a certain amount of residual chlorine is required to ensure that bacteria do not exceed the standard. When residual chlorine is needed in the subsequent process, activated carbon can be used to remove the ultrafiltration membrane technology after the process, and the actual effect is better.
2. Cleaning machinery and pipelines. After ultrafiltration systems water treatment is assembled, all overcurrents in the system must be partially cleaned before operation. On the one hand, it removes the residues and harmful residues in mechanical equipment and pipelines; on the other hand, the system has a strict sterilization effect on residual bacteria. Microbial strains multiply in pipelines and ultrafiltration membrane components. Generally, the segmented cleaning method is used, that is, before and after the process steps, and the mechanical equipment and pipelines are cleaned in segments to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the facility.

3. Inspection of piping system. The actual operator must master the process steps and circuits, check whether the relevant mechanical equipment and pipelines are not connected correctly, and check the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet gate valves, especially pay attention to the concentrated water inlet and outlet gate valves cannot be closed, and the inlet water pump cannot be opened to avoid The sudden operation of the system when it is off causes the system to be overburdened, and the effect of water shock damages the mechanical equipment.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

2. Introduction of ultrafiltration membrane technology Process.

Ultrafiltration membrane technology process is a process step in which various harmful substances in the water are removed before entering hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. The selected process of pretreatment is confirmed according to the applied water resources and solutions.
1. Groundwater contains suspended solids. If the chemical substance of the colloidal solution exceeds 50mg/l, the coagulation sedimentation filtration process should be selected;
2. Surface water and suspended solids. When the chemical substance of the colloidal solution is less than 50mg/l, the coagulant should be added immediately or in the pipeline;
3. After the pesticide fungicide is solved, if the water contains more excess chlorine or other oxidants, you can add sodium bisulfite and other oxidants, or use activated carbon to absorb and remove;
4. If there are many bacteria, algae and other microbial strains in the raw water, the sterilization process must be carried out first, and then follow the basic procedures.

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