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pvdf ultrafiltration membrane advantages

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

Ultrafiltration membrane filter is used in response to purification levels. The main membranes chosen for general clarification and purification separation are pvdf uf membrane and their hollow fiber membranes. Pvdf uf membrane have selective interception of chemical substances in the 21st century, with the increased pollution of water sources, the demand for end-use equipment to purify water is becoming more and more abundant. All of our water purification technology has also undergone rapid development changes, from changes in the appearance of goods, from changes in programming design, to changes in today's important technology - pvdf ultrafiltration membranemarketed and applied.

Relative to the traditional ultrafiltration membrane, the first from the material is a kind of upgrade, the traditional ultrafiltration membrane mainly choose PVC and PAN two kinds of materials, pvdf ultrafiltration membrane advantages appear particularly obvious.

ultrafiltration membrane filter

1. The excellent water absorption of pvdf ultrafiltration membrane.

By profiling the ultrafiltration membrane filter currently on the market, the membranes have been uniquely treated with a pro-coagulation treatment, the membrane filaments have long-term hydrophilic properties and the hydrolysis reaction tentacles are reduced from 79-90 degrees to 30-35 degrees prior to the modified material. High through-flow rates can be achieved at lower trans-membrane operating pressures, while improving the membrane filament's resistance to environmental contamination.

2. High filtration accuracy.

Hollow fibre ultrafiltration membranes have symmetrical microporous plates of less than 0.1μm to remove microbial strains, colloidal solutions, diatomaceous earth and other chemicals that cause turbidity.

3. The excellent mechanical strength of the pvdf ultrafiltration membrane.

The mechanical strength reflects the ability of the membrane filament to resist breakage, which causes the membrane to lose its separation performance, and is an important indicator value for evaluating the performance of ultrafiltration membranes.

4. Long service life and high resistance to pollution.

The company uses high quality PVDF as a raw material, which gives the membrane excellent resistance to solvent corrosion, air oxidation and ageing. As a result, it can be constantly cleaned using a variety of methods to remove contaminants and repair the diffusion coefficient.

5. Smooth performance of the goods.

We start with the supply of raw materials, production and processing processes and product quality inspection. Stable raw material quality, consistent and precise operations and 100% commodity inspection throughout the production process ensure consistent performance of the goods.

With the acceptance of pvdf ultrafiltration membrane by a large number of customers, a new technology will eventually drive the rapid development of modules in the field.

pvdf ultrafiltration membrane

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