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Application of ultrafiltration membrane technology in the production of vinegar

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-22

Vinegar is an acidic condiment with a long history. It is famous for its unique taste and the effect of improving human immunity. Organic matter, sugar, carbohydrates and other main components are the main components, which determine the color, aroma, taste and quality of vinegar. With the development trend of reverse osmosis membrane technology, it is widely used in clarification and sterilization of vinegar.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. The main reason why vinegar uses ultrafiltration membrane technology

①. The more aroma components in the vinegar, the more complex, the more corresponding sediments.
②. During the whole process of fermenting grains for some commodities, the condensation reaction and aggregation of tapioca starch, sugar and carbohydrates in fermented grains are converted into gray-black polymers of biopolymers, which can also cause vinegar to precipitate.
③. During the whole process of special brewing of new vinegar, the concentration and viscosity of vinegar increase, which aggravates the aggregation of macromolecular substances in the vinegar and the compound effect of metal ions. Until the vinegar is canned, the deposition will still be slow, endangering the shelf life of the vinegar product.

In order to better remove the sediment in the vinegar, most vinegar manufacturers choose diatomaceous earth to filter the vinegar during the production process to achieve the purpose of clarifying the vinegar. However, because diatomaceous earth is an advanced filtering material, the problem of sediments cannot be thoroughly treated during the entire vinegar storage process, that is, the chemical substances caused by the sediments in the vinegar production process cannot be filtered cleanly.

reverse osmosis membrane technology

2. Technicality of ultrafiltration membrane technology

①. ultrafiltration membrane technology is the whole process of pure physics, without change, deterioration, chemical change, destruction of related components and change of taste.
②. Running at normal temperature (25°C), it will not destroy heat-sensitive ingredients and harmful tastes.
③. Choose strong separation, completely separate the residue, clarify the leachate, and high light transmittance.
④. uf membrane use not add filter aids, it is not easy to introduce new residues, and completely eliminate the difficulty of environmental pollution and blockage.
⑤. Modularization, easy to replace the filter raw materials, and simple actual operation.
⑥. Design online recycling cleaning and sewage equipment to reduce work intensity and product costs, and improve productivity.

Ultrafiltration membrane technology has high separation accuracy, filtration and sterilization, and can be filled immediately after one-time filtration to avoid secondary pollution at each stage, reduce the production cycle, and complete the company's green production.

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