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Application fields of ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-22


    In the past 30 years, ultrafiltration membrane technology has developed rapidly and is often used in drinking water production, food industry, pharmaceutical industry production, and industrial production wastewater treatment industries. Ultrafiltration membrane technology generally focuses on the following aspects: drinking water supply terminal equipment, surface water treatment, seawater treatment and liquid recovery.

    ultrafiltration membrane technology

    (1) Drinking water treatment.

    Due to stricter requirements for drinking water quality, sewage treatment companies are investing more and more time to control the number of bacteria in the water supply network. In order to better ensure this, one method is to conduct expensive and frequent water body inspections, or to set up a natural barrier on the water supply terminal equipment to prevent bacteria from entering.

    uf membrane module

    (2) Surface water treatment.
    Ro uf membrane is widely used in surface water treatment, and the treated water is used for irrigation or as RO reverse osmosis influent for industrial water production.
    (3) Desalination of sea water.
    The analysis of seawater desalination equipment is relatively clear. uf membrane module system can better control the water body of seawater and provide high-quality influent to the RO reverse osmosis system software. Long-term tests have also shown that the effluent SDI value of the ultrafiltration system can be well adjusted to below 2. The test does not require all pretreatment before the ultrafiltration system, and can use various seawater quality.
    (4) Wastewater recovery.

    In fact, sewage discharged from sewage treatment stations and manufacturers in big cities is a good source of industrial water, even drinking water. Technically speaking, this is completely achievable, but customers in Western countries really can't believe this approach. This is not so much a technical difficulty as it is a psychological difficulty. However, currently Windhoek in Namibia has basically constructed an 850 tons/hour water plant, that is, the ultrafiltration membrane technology is selected to recycle the effluent from the sewage treatment station as drinking water.

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