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The technical advantages of ultrafiltration membrane technology are reflected

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-22

Ultrafiltration membrane technology is under the action of a certain working pressure, water flows through the surface of the membrane, solutes larger than the pore size of the membrane are blocked, and the aqueous solution flowing out is called a concentrated solution. The whole process of ultrafiltration membrane technology is realized under fluidity conditions. The impurities in the water accumulate on the surface of the membrane, which will cause the pollution of uf membrane module, and the characteristics of the membrane can be repaired after cleaning.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Classification of uf membrane module

The main categories are flat type, tube type, roll type, hollow chemical fiber type, etc. Concentration polarization is a natural phenomenon in the entire process of membrane separation technology. The countermeasures implemented at this stage are to increase the water flow speed on the membrane surface, reduce the thickness of the adhesion layer, immediately bring the concentration of the intercepting substance into the water, and take physical or chemical cleaning countermeasures.

uf membrane module

2. The basic principle of ultrafiltration membrane technology filtration technology
During ultrafiltration, the liquid enters hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, and the small-molecular water chemical substance becomes the ultrafiltrate through the membrane component, and the colloidal solution, bacteria and other macromolecular substances are cut off by the membrane to the outside of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Ultrafiltration membranes are different membranes caused by surface high-density chromatography and a relatively thick, compact support layer.
3.The process advantages of ultrafiltration membrane technology
①. The effluent water body is stable and does not change with time and seepage water body changes;
②. The compressive strength of actual operation is greatly reduced, easy to operate automatically, and the total area is saved;
③. Greatly reduce the development trend of subsequent membrane environmental pollution and increase the service life of the membrane;
④. The effluent water body can remove most suspended solids, colloidal solutions, microbial strains and biological macromolecular organic compounds.

The application of ultrafiltration membrane technology in the field of water treatment is becoming more and more common. The ultrafiltration can provide high-efficiency suspended solids, colloidal solutions, organic chemical biological macromolecules, bacteria, microbial bacteria and other residues.

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