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Influencing factors of utrafiltration membrane flux

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-22

1. The flow rate of material and liquid.

Increasing the flow rate of the material liquid is beneficial to avoid concentration polarization and improve the facility's ability to solve problems. However, the expansion pressure increases the energy consumption of the whole process of processing technology, and as a result, the cost increases. Generally, the flow velocity of the seepage management system is 1-3m/s.

In the spiral parts management system, the actual operation is often carried out in the laminar flow area. You can set seepage driving raw materials on the liquid commodity flow channel, or you can choose a vibrating membrane support column to generate pressure waves on the flow channel, alleviate fluidity, and control the flow effect , So as to ensure the normal operation of ultrafiltration parts.

utrafiltration membrane flux

2. Actual operating pressure.

The relationship between utrafiltration membrane flux and the actual operating pressure determines the characteristics of the membrane and the attached surface layer. In the entire process of specific ultrafiltration, the latter usually controls utrafiltration membrane flux. When the osmotic concentration solid model is used, the throughput of the membrane is positively related to the pressure, while when the gelation solid model is used, the throughput of the membrane is independent of the pressure. The throughput at this time is called the critical value throughput. The actual operation of the specific ultrafiltration should be carried out around the critical value throughput, at this time the actual operating pressure is about 0.5-0.6 MPa. In addition to getting rid of the frictional resistance through the membrane, it is also necessary to get rid of the liquid pressure damage on the membrane surface.

3. Actual operating temperature.

The key to the actual operating temperature determines and solves the organic chemistry, chemical properties of the material liquid and the reliability of biological products. The actual operation must be completed at the high temperature allowed by the membrane mechanical equipment and the solution chemicals. High temperature can reduce the viscosity of the material liquid, improve the efficiency of convective heat transfer, and improve utrafiltration membrane flux.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

4. Actual operating time.

With the development of the whole process of ultrafiltration, the concentration value electric polarization forms a concentrated suspected glue layer on the membrane surface, thereby reducing utrafiltration membrane flux. Its throughput is consumed with time, which is related to the hydraulic characteristics, material liquid characteristics and membrane characteristics of uf membrane module. After the filter has been running for a period of time, cleaning must be done. This period of time is called the operating cycle time. The change of the natural operating time is also related to the cleaning state.

5. Feeding concentration value.

With the development of the whole process of ultrafiltration, the content of the feed liquid continues to increase. At this time, the viscosity decreases and the thickness of the surface layer expands. This is technically and economically disadvantageous for ultrafiltration. The concentration value of the main stream of the process behavior should have a certain limit, that is, a high concentration value.

6.The pretreatment of the material liquid.

In order to better enhance the throughput of ultrafiltration membrane technologyand ensure the normal and stable operation of ultrafiltration membrane technology, the feed liquid needs to be pretreated before ultrafiltration. Although the entire process of ultrafiltration pretreatment is not as strict as the reverse osmosis process, this pretreatment is also an important factor to ensure the normal operation of the entire ultrafiltration process.

Generally speaking, the pretreatment methods used are:
(1) Filter.
(2) Organic chemical inclined plate sedimentation tank.
(3) PH adjustment.
(4) Disinfection and sterilization.
(5) Activated carbon filtration.
The above-mentioned pretreatment method can be carried out according to the characteristics and necessity of the feed liquid.
In addition, the water recovered by ultrafiltration needs to be solved before application, such as resin adsorption of CO2, PH adjustment, filtration, disinfection and sterilization.

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