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Product details of hollow fiber uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-27

Hollow fiber uf membrane belongs to a kind of ro uf membrane, and can be used for the purification of crude salt, the separation, concentration and purification of substances, and the recovery and utilization of valuable substances from industrial wastewater and sewage.

hollow fiber uf membrane

1. Product introduction of hollow fiber uf membrane

Hollow fiber uf membrane diameter: 0.5-2.0mm, inner diameter: 0.3-1.4mm, uf membrane module wall thickness covers the microporous plate, the diameter can be expressed by the relative molecular mass of the intercepting substance, and the amount of intercepting molecular structure can reach several thousand Or hundreds of thousands. The source water will be pressurized on the side or inner wall of uf membrane module for fluidity, forming an external pressure and an internal pressure.

The ro uf membrane is a whole process of dynamic filtration. The intercepted substances can be removed with concentrated water, which is not easy to block the surface of the membrane, and can run continuously for a long time. The main principle is to separate 10-100A particles from the particulate medium. The particulate matter within this specification range generally refers to the amount and concentration of the substance in the liquid. The basic concept is to use different pore structures and semi-permeable membrane materials at room temperature, according to a certain burden and total flow, and then use the pressure difference between both sides of the membrane as the driving force to complete the filtration in the form of cross-flow to make organic Solvents and their small water molecules can be separated according to bio-macromolecules and particles such as proteins and water-soluble polymers.

2. Characteristics of hollow fiber uf membrane.

①. The whole process of filtration is completed at room temperature. Standard soft, not easy to damage all ingredients. Therefore, it is very suitable for filtering heat-sensitive substances, such as the separation, classification, concentration and aggregation of substances such as drugs, enzymes, fruit juices, etc.;
②. The filtration process cannot produce phase change, does not require heating, has low energy consumption, does not need to add chemical substances, and has no environmental pollution. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving separation technology;
③. The ultrafiltration technology has high separation efficiency, a small amount of components in the dilute solution are recycled, and the low-concentration aqueous solution has a high concentration effect;

④. In the whole process, only working pressure is selected as the driving force of membrane separation, so the separation equipment is simple, the steps are short, the actual operation is simple, and it is easy to control and maintain;

uf membrane module

3. The main purpose of hollow fiber uf membrane.

①. Municipal engineering, power engineering, steel, petrochemical, textile, food and other industries in-depth disposal and reuse of wastewater and tap water production process solutions;
②. Purification of coarse salt by municipal engineering;
③. Preparation of seawater desalination equipment and its RO reverse osmosis system;
④. Food and biomedical purification, concentration and separation.

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