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Misunderstandings of Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane Cleaning

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-29


    As we all know, when hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is used for a long time or is stopped, effective cleaning and maintenance are required to prevent damage to its characteristics. When we clean hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane offline, we should avoid the following three misconceptions:

    hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

    1. After cleaning hollow fiber uf membrane, the water production rate cannot be restored to 100%.
    In fact, after hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is scientifically and reasonably cleaned offline, most of uf membrane module can be restored to the new membrane condition, except for the water production rate, which can be checked with offline cleaning equipment or on uf membrane module. Verify after installation.
    2. After cleaning, the desalination rate of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane will undoubtedly be repaired or reduced.

    At this stage, we have two completely different views on the desalination rate of hollow fiber uf membrane, but the objective fact is that it ultimately depends on the environmental pollution of the membrane element. If environmental pollution does not harm the desalination layer, the utilization rate will be higher. If it is harmful, the utilization rate will be lower, but at least it can be higher than the desalination rate before cleaning.

    3. Don't worry about cleaning up the scene.
    In fact, there are only a few small and medium-sized service centers that have no reserved membrane elements to postpone the offline cleaning work to the site. Off-line cleaning does not require complete cleaning of the natural environment of the production workshop. The actual cleaning effect of the contractor's cleaning of the production workshop is likely to achieve faster actual results.

    The above is that there are some misconceptions about the cleaning of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Therefore, in order to better carry out the actual effect of the ultrafiltration membrane cleaning, it is recommended that professional and technical personnel perform professional cleaning to ensure that the ultrafiltration membrane can be restored to its original state after cleaning. Some functional efficiency can ensure normal use and save unnecessary expenses for customers.

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