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Application of mbr uf membrane in sewage treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-29

1. Product introduction of mbr uf membrane

MBR uf membrane is a newly developed and designed wastewater treatment and recycling technology in recent years. With the rapid development trend of world economies of scale and the increase of population, water shortage has become an unoptimistic challenge faced by people all over the world. In order to solve the problem of water shortage that plagues human development, the development of usable water resources is a common concern of all countries in the world. Many waters in China regard wastewater reuse as one of the key development strategies to deal with water shortages.

mbr uf membrane

2.The advantages of mbr uf membrane

Since ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment is used to replace the secondary settling tank in the traditional activated sludge process, high-efficiency solid-liquid separation equipment can be used, and the effluent water body is unstable and the sludge is easy to expand during the traditional activated sludge process. , Has the following advantages
(1) Solid-liquid separation equipment can be developed efficiently, and the effluent water body is excellent and stable, and can be reused immediately;
(2) Due to the high efficiency interception effect of mbr uf membrane, the microbial strains can be completely intercepted into the membrane bioreactor, completing the complete separation of the hydraulic retention time (HRT) and the sludge age (SRT) of the tubular reactor, making the operation More flexible and stable;
(3) Membrane bioreactor can keep the concentration of microbial strains high, and solve the problem of large capacity load and large area of equipment;

(4) It is conducive to the interception and growth of nitrifying bacteria and other microbial strains, and improves the efficiency of the system software nitrification reaction. It can also increase the hydraulic retention time of some refractory organic compounds in the system software, and reasonably keep the microbial strains that dissolve refractory organic compounds in the tubular reactor, which is conducive to the efficient degradation of refractory organic compounds;

(5) Ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment generally operates under high capacity load and low sludge concentration, and the remaining sludge output is low, which reduces the cost of sludge treatment;
(6) The automatic control system is convenient, and the actual operation and management method is convenient.

At present, mbr uf membrane has been widely used in wastewater treatment projects, and ultrafiltration membrane technology is used to realize sewage recycling and reuse, and realize the two-way economic benefits of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction.

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