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Structure and installation of uf membrane module

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-29

1. The structure of uf membrane module

Uf membrane module has been encapsulated in a cylindrical descriptor with epoxy resin glue, and the poured epoxy resin is dried and cut on both sides of the cylindrical descriptor to form a shell-and-tube heat exchanger and other structures. Uf membrane module can be produced by refitting a cap on each side of this structure. The inlet pipe and the concentrated water part are generally above the caps on both sides of the assembly, and the water production part on the inner wall of the cylinder is called the axial water production structure, and the sealing cap is also called the radial water production structure. At present, the most popular large, medium and small components are mostly radial water production structures.

uf membrane module

2. Installation method of uf membrane module.

The assembly of uf membrane module can be divided into two types: lying type and standing type. The flat membrane stack has a fast processing speed and a small footprint. It is suitable for large and medium-sized or extra-large-scale systems. However, the pollutants in this method are convenient for the accumulation of the lower half of the membrane surface and are not suitable for ro uf membrane cleaning. In a sense, the horizontal type uses the operating cost to obtain the indoor space cost, while the standing type uses the indoor space cost to obtain the operating cost. When selecting the assembly method of best uf membrane, reference should be made to the natural environment and construction scale of the actual project.

The system arrangement of ro uf membrane also has two sorting modes: series and series.

ro uf membrane

In the special high mortar consistency material liquid treatment industry, it is stipulated that the total flow rate of membrane surface washing is large, the output of a single membrane module is small, the utilization rate is low, and the module loss is small, and it can form a series structure. In the sewage treatment industry, the consistency of the mortar of the source water is low, the output of a single best uf membrane is large, the utilization rate is high, and the loss is large. A dry series structure will cause the water production rate of the rear module to be greatly reduced, so I chose one Simple series structure of multiple membrane modules. This is also the key difference between sewage treatment ultrafiltration technology and RO reverse osmosis technology at the system structure level.

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