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Advantages and processing technology of uf membrane module

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30

Recently, with the mandatory implementation of national standards, the number of new inspection items has been increased from 35 to 106, which is fully integrated with international drinking water. The safety factor of domestic water microbial strains that cannot be solved by conventional sewage treatment processes, the control of algae and algal endotoxins, and the traditional disinfection and sterilization processing technology will be transformed into many disinfection and sterilization by-products that have carcinogenic effects on the human body, as well as gene mutations in the water source water body For the emergency function of CF, every difficulty must be broken through and dealt with. The application of uf membrane module separation technology can solve the above-mentioned problems to the extreme.

uf membrane module

One, the solution of uf membrane module

In order to ensure the quality of the produced water, a traditional process + ro uf membrane method can be used for treatment. The source water is basically based on the production and processing technology of basic concrete, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection and sterilization of the water plant. Uf system water treatment is improved, the residual residue is rationally removed, and the bacterial viruses such as Escherichia coli, flagellum, and bacteriophages are cut off. Stabilize the produced water body and reach the new municipal engineering drinking water treatment standard.

second, processing steps of uf membrane module

1. The original water storage tank: the water storage source (groundwater, surface water) is used to precipitate large fine sand particles and chemical substances in the water. At the same time, the impact of the unstable pressure of the raw water pipe on the water treatment device is buffered.
2. Add coagulant and precipitation: large suspended solids are easy to precipitate under the action of force, while smiling suspended solids and colloidal solution residues are always dispersed and floating in the water, making the water turbid. The function of concrete is to condense the fine particles into solid particles, facilitating precipitation.
3. Activated carbon filter pool: Select an activated carbon filter to degrade the positive ions at the adsorption point for ion exchange adsorption. In addition, because the adsorption effect increases the concentration value of the surface layer being adsorbed and replicated, it has a catalytic reaction and rationally removes pollutants such as melanin, odor, and a large number of biochemical organic compounds in the water.
4. Add disinfectant (hydrogen and bleach): eliminate bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the water;

5. Ultrafiltration system filtration: rationally remove the residues in the water, sterilize the hydrogen generated by sterilization, cut off bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli, flagellate, and apply water to meet the requirements of the domestic water purification treatment index value.

uf system water treatment

Third, the advantages of using uf membrane module in water plants

1. It can completely remove bacteria and virus infections in the water, and ensure the safety factor of microbial strains in the domestic water;
2. Can completely remove algae;
3. Can greatly reduce the total output of disinfection and sterilization by-products;
4. The effluent water body is stable and adaptable, and the turbidity of the produced water is stable below 0.1NTU;
5. The controllable module construction of the water plant, the expansion project is simple, and the construction period is short;
6. Used in the renovation of old water plants, it can more than double the water flow rate.

Fourth, the main purpose of uf membrane module

Newly built and rebuilt water plants; water plant upgrading, expansion, renewal, transformation, and expansion; water plant production, sludge recovery, municipal engineering domestic water purification treatment, etc.

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