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Factors Affecting Water Production by uf membrane module

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30


    As we all know, after uf membrane module is used for a period of time, the cut off bacteria, rust, colloidal solution, suspended solids, biological macromolecular substances and other harmful substances will depend on the inner surface of hollow fiber uf membrane to make the production of uf membrane module. The water volume is gradually decreasing, especially when the drinking water environment is seriously polluted, it is more likely to cause blockage. Timely cleaning can effectively repair the water production. The following is an introduction to the factors affecting the water production of uf membrane module.

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    1. The influence of temperature on water production: the temperature rises, the water activity increases, the viscosity decreases, and the water production increases. On the contrary, the water production is reduced, so even with the same ultrafiltration system, there is a big difference in the water production between winter and summer.
    2. The effect of actual operating pressure on water production: In the low voltage section, the water production of uf membrane module is positively correlated with the pressure, that is, the water production increases with the increase of pressure, but when the pressure exceeds 0.3 MPa, even When the pressure increases again, the water production will not increase, mainly because hollow fiber uf membrane is compacted under high voltage, which increases the permeable frictional resistance.
    3. The influence of permeation turbidity on water production: the greater the permeation turbidity, the less the water production of ro uf membrane, the greater the permeation turbidity, and the easier it is to block.

    4. The influence of flow rate on water production: The influence of flow rate changes on water production is not as obvious as temperature and pressure. A slow flow rate can easily cause clogging of ro uf membrane, and too fast will affect water production.

    With the continuous improvement of the world's industrial production level, most of the water pollution is more serious, exacerbating the differences in water shortage. Traditional drinking water solutions cannot guarantee high-quality domestic water. Municipal engineering water supply has two environmental pollution problems. For example, high-rise residential water storage tanks and long-term drinking water transportation pipelines will produce potential rust, dirt, bacteria and other environments. pollution problem. Therefore, various brands of water purifiers came into being.

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