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Storage of reverse osmosis element membrane under different usage conditions

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30

Introduction: osmosis membrane filter that people use every day mostly uses reverse osmosis processing technology to purify water. In order to better avoid the growth and development of microorganisms on the membrane surface of osmosis membrane filter during the storage period and the degradation of characteristics in the actual operation afterwards, Therefore, reverse osmosis element membrane in reverse osmosis membrane filter should be properly preserved.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. Storage of the new reverse osmosis element membrane

(1) Reverse osmosis element membrane has undergone a pressure test before leaving the factory. It is stored in a 1% sodium bisulfite aqueous solution, and then is vacuum packed in a co2 barrier bag. If the membrane element freezes, it will cause physical damage, and insulation measures should be taken to prevent it from freezing.
(2) The membrane elements of reverse osmosis membrane filter must always be kept in a humid state. Even if it is necessary to temporarily open the same package in order to better determine the total number of the same package, it must be done without damaging the package. This situation should be stored until the end of use; the membrane element can be stored at an ultra-low temperature of 5-10 ℃ . When the temperature exceeds 10°C, a place with good natural ventilation should be selected and protected from sunlight. The storage temperature should not exceed 35°C.

(3) When stacking reverse osmosis element membrane, the packaging wooden box does not have to exceed 5 layers, and ensure that the carton is kept dry.

2.The used reverse osmosis element membrane save

(1) It must be kept in a dark place at all times, the storage temperature should not exceed 35℃, and prevent sunlight; after soaking in the storage water solution for about 1 hour, remove the film from the water solution, pack it in an oxygen protection bag, seal and Affix a label to indicate the date of packaging.
(2) When the temperature is lower than 0°C, there is a risk of freezing, so anti-locking measures should be taken. The concentration value and pH of the storage solution should be kept within the above range and should be maintained regularly. If the above range may deviate, the storage solution should be adjusted again.

(3) In order to better avoid the reproduction of microbial strains when the membrane equipment is stored, transported and the system software is dormant in a short period of time, purified water or reverse osmosis product water must be used to configure a concentration value of 500~1,000ppm, pH3~6. Sodium bisulfate keeps the components soaked.

reverse osmosis membrane filter

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