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Development of ceramic ultrafiltration membranes for lactic acid purification process

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

It is well known that lactic acid is widely used in many foodstuffs and is an indispensable chemical, which is also necessary in the pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries. Therefore, the purification of lactic acid has become a key technology. At this stage, with the needs of the sales market, intensive research and development has been carried out on this technology. The development and design of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane has elevated the lactic acid purification technology to a completely new and upgraded level.

ceramic ultrafiltration membrane

1. Development trend of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane.

Ceramic ultrafiltration membrane occur in line with the requirements of the trend of the times and belong to inorganic membrane separation. At this stage it accounts for 80% of this industry and sales are high. The necessity of its influence can be seen. It allows high precision filtration and separation of chemical substances and is therefore favoured by everyone. With the continuous improvement of membrane technology, the development of high-precision membrane separation has become an independent development trend. As a result, the trend of Ro uf membranein chemical substance separation continues to improve.

ultrafiltration membrane filter

2.the application of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane and its advantages.

The main features of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane are their fine diameter, which allows for the interception of finer organic compounds, separation at room temperature, lower energy consumption and higher water utilisation. The advantages of the membrane in lactic acid process purification projects are even more prominent, with stronger anti-pollution properties and better permeate quality, which can replace the deposition process, making the lactic acid purification process easier and faster and improving production efficiency. As the application of lactic acid is more common, so in different industries there are different requirements for the purity of lactic acid, in the choice of purification process, must choose an effective method, can reduce the product cost of lactic acid, improve the yield rate, at the same time, to ensure the quality of production and manufacturing.Ro uf membraneof the entire use process, must pay attention to its scientific research maintenance, and timely cleaning, to ensure that the machinery and equipment All normal operation, to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment, so as to promote the development trend of enterprises.

The application of ultrafiltration membrane filter in the purification process of lactic acid promotes the development trend in this field, better meeting the production and manufacturing needs of everyone, laying the foundation for the production and manufacturing of thousands of fields on lactic acid organic chemistry. Ceramic ultrafiltration membranes have a place in separation and concentration machinery and equipment.

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