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Solutions to common problems of reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30

1. Operation method for the first operation of reverse osmosis element membrane

The method of low pressure and low total flow is used to drive away the air in the pipeline. Only when the air in the pipeline does not exist can it operate normally in the mechanical equipment. When using low-pressure flushing and exhaust pipes, drain the concentrated water and product water into the sewer. If the pressure rises quickly during operation, it is also the air in reverse osmosis element membrane, which may cause flowing water and axial impact. In this case, the outer skin of the membrane is likely to be broken and ro system membrane cannot be repaired. When using for the first time, 20~MP system must be used to flush, and to ensure that RO reverse osmosis will be automatically flushed with low pressure every time it runs.

reverse osmosis element membrane

2. The influence of pH value on the removal rate and life of reverse osmosis element membrane

Ro system membrane is the most important filtration processing technology in stainless steel sediment filter, so when the raw water enters, whether the raw water will damage the membrane. Generally speaking, composite membrane raw materials are more common in reverse osmosis membrane materials. If this kind of film material is used, if the requirement is based on commercial products, then the damage and damage to the film will be relatively small. The influence on permeability is due to the influence of water. This is a good choice. The same, but at this time, pay attention to the fouling problem of the reverse osmosis membrane.

stainless steel sediment filter

3. How does the sealing ring in reverse osmosis element membrane expand?

In order to maintain the sealing protection of each section of the membrane shell, reverse osmosis element membrane in stainless steel sediment filter must have three types of sealing rings. In order to better reduce the installation friction resistance, when installing the system, wipe cold water or petroleum jelly on the surface of the sealing ring. Special attention must be paid to the use of glycerin or other crude oil and vegetable oil lubricants, otherwise it will cause cracks in the water pipe, especially the expansion of the sealing ring. The expansion of the rubber ring generally does not directly endanger the actual operating effect of the operating system, but it will endanger the system's re-operation after unloading, that is, the expanded rubber ring during operation is difficult to enter the slot.

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