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Tips for using reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30


    As we all know, use of ro membrane is mainly used in water treatment devices, which can solve the problems of sewage and drinking water, and use the difference of the osmotic pressure of the aqueous solution to separate impurities from the water to make the water pure.

    reverse osmosis element membrane

    1. The application of reverse osmosis element membrane must pay special attention to the control of the inlet water temperature and ph value.
    The technically specialized reverse osmosis membrane cartridge is very sensitive to the rise and fall of temperature, and the rise in temperature leads to an increase in water flow. Calculated at 1°C per liter, the water production rises by about 2.8%. Not only does the temperature endanger the high efficiency of work, but the pH value in the water will greatly change the salt permeability, but it is not harmful to the water production.
    2. The application of reverse osmosis element membrane must pay special attention to the control of the salt content of the influent water and match the quality of the permeated water.

    If the salt content of the feed water is higher, the difference between the concentration values inside and outside the membrane will expand. Choosing the optimal salt content can reasonably control the salt permeability and desalination rate. Some fibrous materials have strong opposition to salt. If the water permeability must be accelerated, the size of the membrane pores of the membrane itself needs to be changed, or reverse osmosis membrane cartridge of a different material should be selected.

    3. When applying reverse osmosis element membrane, special attention must be paid to the operating pressure of the inlet water.
    The working pressure of the inlet water is not easy to cause any harm to reverse osmosis element membrane. The key is that the increase of the working pressure leads to an increase in the amount of permeated water, and the salt permeation amount of the membrane will not change. The increase in the amount of water dilutes the composition of the membrane and reduces the salt permeability. When the pressure rises to a certain value, the content inside and outside the membrane increases poorly, resulting in an increase in salt throughput, and the salt rejection rate no longer changes.

    What I trust is that reverse osmosis element membrane must undergo continuous experimentation before it can be put into market application. In the entire application process, if it cannot be cleaned multiple times, its service life will be shortened, and the efficiency of water purification will be greatly reduced.

    reverse osmosis membrane cartridge

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