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How to extend the use of reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30

Reverse osmosis element membrane is a high-consumable product, and each replacement will have a high cost. Therefore, people would think whether the use time of reverse osmosis element membrane is longer, thereby reducing the frequency of replacement? In fact, if people understand the pollutants and cleaning methods of membrane in ro plant, I think all these problems will be solved.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. Pollutants of reverse osmosis element membrane

After a period of normal operation, membrane in ro plant will be polluted by floating chemicals or insoluble chemicals in the feed water. The most common ones are calcium bicarbonate scale, calcium bicarbonate scale, hydroxide scale, silicon deposit, organic Chemical or microbial deposits.

2. Removal of pollutants from reverse osmosis element membrane

The removal of pollutants can be done according to organic chemical cleaning and physical cleaning, and sometimes can also be done according to changes in operating conditions. As a general standard, cleaning should be performed when one of the following situations occurs.
(1). Under normal working pressure, if the product water output drops to 10-15% of normal.
(2). In order to better maintain the water output of all normal products, the water supply and drainage pressure after temperature calibration has been increased by 10-15%.
(3). The product water body is reduced by 10-15%. The salt transmission rate is increased by 10-15%.
(4). The application working pressure increases by 10-15%.

(5). The pressure difference of reverse osmosis increases significantly.

3. Steps to clean reverse osmosis element membrane

(1). Use a pump to feed the pure water without dispersible chlorine from the cleaning tank into the pressure vessel and discharge it for a few minutes.
(2). Use pure water to prepare cleaning solution in the cleaning tank.
(3). Circulate the cleaning fluid in the pressure vessel for 1 hour or set a time in advance. For an 8-foot or 8.5-foot pressure vessel, the flow rate is 35-40 gallons/min. For a 6-foot pressure vessel, the flow rate is 15-20 gallons/min. The flow rate of the foot pressure vessel is 9-10 gallons per minute.
(4). After cleaning, arrange and clean the cleaning box, and then fill the cleaning box with tidy product water for the next step of cleaning.

(5). After cleaning reverse osmosis system, run reverse osmosis system when the product drain valve is open until the pure water has no foam or cleaning agent.

reverse osmosis system

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