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Applications and advantages of pvdf uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-26

Pvdf uf membrane is a new process of sewage treatment. In recent years, sewage treatment has long been a new project that our country focuses on, and sewage treatment technology is also constantly improving. Pvdf uf membrane is a high-performance membrane element developed for sewage treatment technology. At present, it is widely used in sewage treatment.

pvdf uf membrane

1. Application of pvdf uf membrane.

In the sewage treatment process, pvdf uf membrane can replace the secondary settling tank to separate the sludge in a heterogeneous phase. The diameter of ro uf membrane is generally between 0.1 and 0.4 μm. With its small diameter advantage, too much consideration is given to the residue in the wastewater. The concentration of wastewater is not high, and the water produced can be recycled immediately. The organic combination of membrane separation equipment and activated sludge method reduces the difficulty coefficient of sewage treatment and improves the actual effect of sewage treatment.

ro uf membrane

2. Pvdf uf membrane Advantages of application in sewage treatment.

Pvdf ultrafiltration membrane The reason why it can replace the traditional secondary sedimentation tank technology is that it can completely remove the floating solids and particulate matter residues in the wastewater, and can cut off most pathogenic bacteria, virus infections and microbial strains. This is also a secondary sedimentation tank. incomparable. It can reasonably inhibit the growth rate of pathogenic bacteria, and solve high-efficiency and difficult sewage treatment with high quality.

3. The main manifestation of the advantages of the close combination of ro uf membrane and activated sludge method.

1. It can save consumption and improve the compressive strength of the hydrolysis acidification tank.

2. The process has strong sewage treatment performance and can ensure the reliability of effluent water.

3. Choosing membrane components to solve technical problems can make the design of sewage treatment equipment more compact and occupy a smaller area.

4. It has a strong ability to treat high-concentration sewage;

5. Mechanical equipment has high automation technology performance and easy maintenance.

Gradually improve the sewage treatment process and reasonably reduce the working pressure of air pollution. Pvdf ultrafiltration membrane The application in the sewage treatment process has brought great convenience to the enterprise sewage treatment.

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