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Correct use of reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30


    As we all know, membrella ro membrane has commercial and domestic applications. If you need to master the application method when using it, you should also pay attention to the application precautions when using it.

    reverse osmosis element membrane

    1.Reverse osmosis element membrane that is kept moist must always be kept moist. Even if it is necessary to temporarily open the same package in order to better determine the quantity of the same package, it is necessary to do it without puncturing the plastic package. This situation should be stored until the application is terminated.
    2.It is best to store reverse osmosis element membrane at an ultra-low temperature of 5-10°C. If it freezes, it will cause physical damage, so heat insulation should be used and don't let it freeze. Avoid sunlight when stored at a temperature above 10°C, and choose a place with good natural ventilation. At this time, the storage temperature should not exceed 35°C.

    3.Pay attention to control the inlet water flow rate: if the inlet water flow rate is too large, reverse osmosis element membrane will deteriorate in advance, so the inlet water flow rate cannot exceed the index value of the design plan. In addition, the total flow of concentrated water should try to avoid being lower than the index value of the design plan. When working under a standard that the flow of concentrated water is too small, the pressure pipe of osmosis membrane filter will form asymmetric fluidity, that is, dust will be separated from reverse osmosis element membrane due to combustion and concentration.

    4.Pay attention to controlling the pH of water seepage: Since the hydrolysis reaction of the cellulose acetate membrane of membrella ro membrane is likely to cause malignant changes in osmosis membrane filter, it is necessary to strictly control the pH of the water, and the pH of the water must be kept within the required area.

    5.Improve the maintenance of the booster pump: The booster pump of the reverse osmosis water purifier is suddenly interrupted, even if it is only displayed for a short time, it may cause damage to the entire water purifier. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen protection and management methods to ensure the normal operation of the booster pump.

    osmosis membrane filter

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