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Description of the advantages and disadvantages of dry reverse osmosis element membrane

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    Introduction: The inlet water of the industrial water treatment system contains various chemical substances, such as hydrated metal oxides, calcium deposits, organic compounds and microorganisms, which can cause surface pollution of membrane in ro plant. With the entire process of the concentration of the reverse osmosis membrane, such pollutants will accumulate on the surface of the membrane element, accelerating the degradation of the performance of reverse osmosis system, such as a decrease in water production and an increase in the conductivity of the production water. In order to better guarantee all the normal operation of reverse osmosis system, chemical water treatment should generally be carried out on time to extend the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane. The main types of reverse osmosis element membrane are divided into two types: dry and wet. The performance of dry reverse osmosis element membrane and wet reverse osmosis element membrane is mostly the same during the validity period. The following is an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of dry membrane elements.

    reverse osmosis element membrane

    1. The advantages of dry reverse osmosis element membrane
    1. No maintenance fluid or other unique protection measures are required, light weight, and relatively low transportation cost;
    2. During the validity period of the product, when the storage temperature is lower than 45℃, the storage time is unlimited;
    3. Since the membrane elements are not wet, they are not easily affected below -4°C. Special vehicles are not required for transportation below freezing point in winter, which is convenient for transportation and has low standards for storage places.
    2. Disadvantages of dry reverse osmosis element membrane
    1. Dry-type membrane in ro plant is selected for sampling inspection before the original factory, and the performance specifications of each original factory membrane element cannot be guaranteed, and the factory membrane elements also have the probability of defects.

    2. After being installed in the system, the initial performance is slightly lower. It needs to continue low-pressure cleaning for more than 6 hours or clean for 1~2 hours first, soak and stay overnight, and then clean for about 1 hour. After several hours or days of actual operation, the performance In order to achieve the best results gradually.

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