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Description of the advantages and disadvantages of wet reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-11-30

1. Classification of reverse osmosis element membrane

Mainly divided into dry film and wet film, such as Dow all wet film, other such as Hydra, Suez, Toray, etc. are mostly wet film. The difference between the two lies in the difference between quality system management and core concepts. The wet reverse osmosis element membrane is because the quality management system implemented by the manufacturer is a comprehensive inspection. It is stipulated that each component must be tested according to the required inspection standards before the original factory to measure the salt removal rate and water production rate of the membrane. As long as the reverse osmosis membrane elements inspected in accordance with the specification are delivered as qualified products; the manufacturer of dry reverse osmosis element membrane must carry out a commodity sampling inspection management system according to the required inspection standards, and each batch number of membranes must be sampled for inspection and inspection , The components after sampling inspection are used as wet membrane components, and the uninspected components are delivered as dry membrane components; the wet reverse osmosis membrane components are selected for two-layer packaging bag tightness, and the inner layer is vacuum-packed to prevent absorption of 1% Reverse osmosis membrane element;

reverse osmosis element membrane
The performance of dry reverse osmosis membrane elements and wet reverse osmosis membrane elements is mostly the same during the validity period, but in contrast, wet membranes have great advantages in storage and transportation:

2. Advantages of wet reverse osmosis element membrane.

(1). Each wet membrane has been tested for performance before the original factory, and the performance of each original membrane element can be standardized, avoiding the original factory of defective membrane element products;

(2). The wet film has excellent original properties. The system for installing the wet industrial ro membrane only needs to be cleaned for 30 minutes. After being put into use, the system performance can be quickly stabilized, saving startup time and cleaning water resources.

industrial ro membrane

3. Defects of wet reverse osmosis element membrane.

(1). Must use protective liquid or take other protective measures. It must be kept moist and free from environmental pollution by microbial strains. In addition, the growth and development of microbial strains and the pH of the protective solution must be checked every 90 days. If the protection solution is turbid or more than 6 months or the pH of the protection solution is less than 3, the storage solution must be replaced;
(2). If there is no mechanical equipment for storage, it can be stored in a bag containing the initial protection liquid for 12 months. When the parts are put into a high-pressure container, a partial alkaline cleaning solution should be selected for cleaning before opening;
(3). Since the wet membrane for ro water purifier is humid, the storage temperature should not exceed 45 degrees to prevent the growth of microorganisms. In winter, transportation with a temperature below -4°C requires the use of insulated transport vehicles or automobile antifreeze, and it must be stored in a place above ice after arriving at the station.

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