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Selection method of membrane for ro water purifier

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-01

As we all know, different types of reverse osmosis element membrane are also used for different water quality conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the influent water quality, water production and other parameters before selection.

membrane for ro water purifier

1. Choose according to the desalination rate

The desalination rate depends on the relative density of the thin desalination layer on the surface of membrane for ro water purifier. The denser the desalination layer, the higher the desalination ratio and the lower the water production. The key to the desalination rate of membrane for ro water purifier for different chemical substances is the structure and relative molecular mass of the chemical substances. The desalination rate of high-valent cations and complex cations exceeds 99%. The desalination rate of price cations such as potassium ions, calcium ions, and chloride ions is slightly lower, but it can also exceed 98%, and the relative molecular weight can reach 98% if it is lower than 100. , But the sludge load of organic compounds with a relative molecular mass of less than 100 is low. When selecting the type of reverse osmosis membrane, you should fully grasp the desalination rate of the selected membrane type and the required desalination rate, and select the type according to the matching of the two.

reverse osmosis element membrane

2. Choose according to water production and penetration

The water production volume refers to the permeability of membrane for ro water purifier per unit time after the application of reverse osmosis system. Therefore, care should be taken to select the main parameters of the membrane type, and consider the specific tap water requirements. If the water consumption is large, a membrane element with a large water output should be selected to ensure that the water consumption is provided immediately.

3. Select by recovery rate

It is determined by the permeable water body of reverse osmosis system and the amount of water used for pretreatment. If you want to choose the most suitable membrane for ro water purifier model specification, you must master the utilization rate and the necessity of industrial water.
In combination with the above description, when we select reverse osmosis element membrane, we can refer to many factors such as desalination rate, water production, and utilization rate.

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