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The correct installation method of membrane for ro water purifier

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-01


    The membrane for ro water purifier plays a key role in the overall operation of the reverse osmosis equipment, so membrane for ro water purifier has received a lot of attention during the entire process of installation and disassembly. Improper installation and disassembly may cause irreparable damage.

    membrane for ro water purifier

    1. Preliminary preparation before installation of membrane for ro water purifier:
    1. Flush the pipes of the management system. If the management system is newly upgraded, the management system pipes need to be flushed sufficiently before installation to prevent debris, organic solvents, permanganate index, etc. from contacting the membrane elements.
    2. Cleaning osmosis membrane filter: Before installation, you need to clean the inside of osmosis membrane filter to prevent dirt or debris from accumulating on the outer surface of the membrane element. You can use cotton wool to penetrate 50% petroleum jelly water solution, you should use suitable special tools to clean back and forth to clean the inner cavity of the membrane shell. During the entire cleaning process, please be careful not to scratch the internal surface with special tools.
    2. Installation sequence of membrane for ro water purifier
    1. Put it in 1% sodium hydroxide aqueous solution and store it, and rinse it with pure water first.
    2. There is a dense water sealing ring on the water supply and drainage side, pay attention to the device orientation of the sealing ring to extend upward.

    The function of the concentrated water sealing ring is to ensure that all source water flows into membrane for ro water purifier without generating huge currents. The flow speed of the source water itself will make the opening of the concentrated water seal ring tightly sealed to the inner cavity of the pressure vessel. If the orientation of the sealing ring is opposite, the source water cannot be sealed, causing part of the raw water to flow into both sides of reverse osmosis element membrane, reducing the flow rate of the membrane surface, causing fouling, and reducing the service life of the membrane.

    3. Make sure that the O-ring device is in a specific direction of the connecting piece. When installing, pay attention to no scratches or appendages on the surface of the O-ring and the connecting piece. Be careful not to twist the O-ring to the device. If the joint causes a leak, the source water will enter the product water, resulting in a decrease in the product water body. When the equipment is in the seepage pipe, the O-ring and the surface of the seepage pipe are soaked with pure water, pure water or petroleum jelly for easy installation.

    reverse osmosis element membrane

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