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Analysis of the role of membrane for ro water purifier

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-01

As far as ro membrane filter is concerned, ro membrane cartridge is mainly used to separate bacteria, organic compounds, inorganic positive ions and colloidal solutions in the raw water, so as to achieve the effect of purification treatment. Therefore, the necessity of membrane for ro water purifier in ro membrane filter is obvious. In order to help you better apply, the content of the article will now give you a simple popularization of some common sense related to membrane for ro water purifier.

membrane for ro water purifier

1. Efficacy of membrane for ro water purifier

Ro membrane cartridge is mainly composed of five parts: a shell, a stainless steel screen, a membrane, and a fencing mesh liquid core column. It is an acrylic resin composite bag. In the whole process of operation, the salt removal rate of the source water of the reverse osmosis membrane is more than 99%. It can be said that the bacteria and their organic chemical positive ions in the raw water are blocked and removed by the purification process. The volume of oxygen atoms and water is above 0.0001μm, so that it is possible to produce mineral water theoretically without any residual water and oxygen atoms.

2.The method of authenticating membrane for ro water purifier

(1). Observe. Observe whether the membrane is fresh and detailed, because some external factors may cause the membrane to be incomplete.
(2). Smell. Manufacturing and external factors will make the membrane moldy, and some will produce a peculiar smell. If long-term storage is unreasonable, the reverse osmosis membrane will also have a special impact.
(3). Test. One of the good ways to identify reverse osmosis pure water equipment using reverse osmosis membrane. According to the water produced by the reverse osmosis membrane, there is no residue, no salt, and no minerals.

3. Maintenance method of membrane for ro water purifier

(1). There is a danger of freezing and cleaning when it is below 0, so measures to prevent freezing and cleaning should be taken.
(2). No matter what the storage conditions, the film can not be dried.
(3). After the membrane elements that must be stored are repackaged, the storage standards are consistent with the new membrane elements.
(4). The membrane element must always be kept in a dark place, the storage temperature should not exceed 35, and it should be protected from sunlight.
(5). After the membrane element is soaked in the storage solution for about 1 hour, the membrane element of the reverse osmosis purified water equipment is taken out of the aqueous solution, packaged in an oxygen protective bag, sealed and labelled, and the packaging date is marked.

(6). In order to better avoid the reproduction of microbial strains when the membrane elements are stored, transported and the system software is dormant in a short time, pure water or reverse osmosis product water must be used to configure hydrogen sulfite with a concentration value of 500~1000ppm and pH3~6 Soak the components with sodium maintenance solution.

ro membrane cartridge

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