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Troubleshooting methods for membrane for ro water purifier

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-01

The application of membrane for ro water purifier will inevitably have common failures, resulting in a series of situations such as a decrease in the salt rejection rate, a decrease in water production, and damage.

membrane for ro water purifier

1. Reasons for the failure of membrane for ro water purifier

(1). After normal use, the water production will decrease;
(2). After normal use, the desalination rate is reduced;
(3). Fouling of ro membrane element;
(4). The PH value of reverse osmosis membrane seepage is reduced;

(5). The working pressure of water seepage endangers Toray reverse osmosis membrane;

osmosis membrane filter

2. Fault detection and analysis of membrane for ro water purifier

(1). First check the instrument panel, steam flow meter, PH value, conductivity and thermometer every day.
(2). Repeatedly check the actual operation data information to see if there are any omissions.
(3). Check the problem of osmosis membrane filter. The key to mechanical equipment problems are O-rings, brine seals, damage to pumps, pipelines and gate valves, and inaccurate dashboards.
(4). Chemical addition metering
The main chemical problem is the unreasonable addition of acid. A high amount of acid can damage the membrane or cause sulfuric acid-based scaling (if hydrochloric acid is used), and a small amount can cause scaling or pollution of carbonate or metal hydroxide;
Secondly, the addition of scale inhibitors is inappropriate, high dosages may cause environmental pollution, and small dosages may cause scaling.
(5). Multi-pollutant analysis, analyze the inorganic components of brine and product liquid.

(6). Analyze the intercepted material on the security filter element and check the pre-treated coagulant, especially the cationic polydielectric.

3.Membrane for ro water purifier fault clearing method

membrane for ro water purifier is set with a cleaning cycle time, and the subsequent cleaning is performed according to the cycle time. Compared with the initial value, the water production of the system is reduced by more than 15%, the salt rejection rate is reduced by more than 10% from the initial value, and the pressure difference between the sections is increased by more than 15% from the initial value. Toray reverse osmosis membranes should be cleaned online in time.

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