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Reasons for slow water production with membrane for ro water purifier

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-01


    As we all know, the industrial production water supply system is formulated according to the water consumption requirements, so in the whole process of the long-term use of membrane for ro water purifier, once the water production rate drops, it will inevitably affect the production and processing progress, in order to better and quickly solve the problem For this problem, everyone must accurately find out the reason for the slow water production rate. If this problem occurs, it can be solved reasonably.

    membrane for ro water purifier

    Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers of membrane for ro water purifier, and the counterfeit and inferior products are also larger. If your commonly used filter membrane is newly purchased, the water production has been very slow, it is probably due to reverse osmosis. Due to the quality of ro membrane cartridge. Consumers must keep their eyes open when buying. Reverse osmosis element membrane is currently a high-quality membrane element with very stable performance, high filtration efficiency, and long service life.
    Reverse osmosis element membrane is a consumable, and some users are likely to use one membrane for two to three years. But generally the average service life is mainly between one year and one and a half years. Overuse, the salt removal rate of reverse osmosis, naturally, the water will become slower and slower. The user can only disassemble and replace the pulse damper to solve the problem of slow production water. In addition, membrane for ro water purifier has a neat row of filter holes with a diameter of about 0.001 μm. Although there is a pre-filtration system before entering the filtration, pollutants in the water will slowly accumulate and block the pores of ro membrane cartridge at regular intervals. If the membrane holes are blocked, the water will naturally slow down. It is recommended to clean the reverse osmosis membrane to repair its water production effect.

    ro membrane cartridge

    In addition, in addition to membrane for ro water purifier itself, the water quality of the raw water may also affect the water output rate. If the quality of the raw water is poor and the proportion of concentrated water is small, it will cause blockage of the concentrated water relay or cleaning composition valve. Therefore, for users in areas with weaker water quality, more attention should be paid to cleanliness and application of standards.

    Knowing the above content, I think you already know the reason for the slow water production of membrane for ro water purifier. During the entire use process, corresponding regular maintenance work must be done to promote its full use performance faster.

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