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Reasons for slow water production by membrane for ro water purifier

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-01

Nowadays, many household water purifiers have the function of instant heating and double outlet. However, if membrane for ro water purifier is slow to produce water, the effect of heat production will be greatly affected. So, what specific measures can users take to alleviate this problem?

membrane for ro water purifier

1.Membrane for ro water purifier has been used for too long.

Reverse osmosis element membrane is a consumable, and some users are likely to use one membrane for two to three years. But the service life is mainly from one year to one and a half years. If it is used overdue, the salt removal rate will be reduced, and the water production will naturally slow down. Users can only deal with the problem of slow water production according to the replacement of new membranes.

reverse osmosis element membrane

2.Membrane for ro water purifier is blocked.

Ro system membrane is a filtration membrane driven by working pressure, and the membrane body has neatly sorted filtration holes with a diameter of about 0.0001 μm. Although pre-filtration equipment such as external filtration will be installed in front of the filtration, pollutants in the water will slowly accumulate and block the membrane pores every once in a while. If the membrane holes are blocked, the water output will definitely slow down. It is recommended that the user clean ro system membrane to repair the water production effect.

3. Membrane for ro water purifier is of poor quality.

If it is a new purchase, the water production is slow, and it may also be a product quality problem. There are many manufacturers of reverse osmosis element membrane, and there are also fake and inferior products. When customers make a purchase, don't always worry about whether it is cost-effective or not, so they buy cheap fake and shoddy products.

4. Poor raw water body harms effluent water.

In addition to membrane for ro water purifier itself, the raw water body will also cause harm to the water production rate. If the raw water body is very poor and the concentrated water ratio is small, it is likely that the concentrated water relay or the cleaning composition valve will be blocked, the pressure will be relatively increased, and the blockage will be frequent. Therefore, users in areas with poor water bodies should pay more attention to cleanliness and product application standards.

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