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Is cleaning the reverse osmosis membrane filter effective?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-01

Introduction: During the operation of reverse osmosis membrane filter, suspended solids, dissolved chemical substances, organic compounds and microbial reproduction in the influent water will cause pollution to reverse osmosis element membrane. When reverse osmosis element membrane is contaminated, the characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane filter are usually repaired by cleaning. So what is the effect of cleaning the membrane? Let's share the following with you!

reverse osmosis membrane filter

1. Cleaning reverse osmosis membrane filter has a maintenance effect.

When we clean membrane in ro plant, it is also a maintenance of the reverse osmosis membrane, because it will breed a large number of microorganisms and residues when it is soaked in water for a long time, so it must be cleaned on time.

reverse osmosis element membrane

2. Shock sterilization.

When cleaning the reverse osmosis membrane, you must use a sodium bisulfite solution with a concentration of 1% to 2%. The use of sodium bisulfite to clean the reverse osmosis membrane can have a destructive sterilization effect, so as to ensure the health of the water.

3. Avoid contamination of reverse osmosis membrane filter.

Timely cleaning can avoid contamination. Because the water contains a large number of bacteria and microorganisms, membrane in ro plant will be contaminated if it is soaked in water containing a large number of microorganisms for a long time. Therefore, you must use sodium bisulfite solution to clean, disinfect and sterilize the reverse osmosis membrane. .

4. improve the performance of reverse osmosis membrane filter.

It can improve the performance and make it have a strong filtering effect on the water body, so that when the reverse osmosis membrane is used, the residue and microorganisms in the water body can be removed reasonably.

The above is the effect and function of cleaning the membrane in time, which can reasonably avoid bacterial reproduction and take into account the actual maintenance effect. It can reasonably extend its service life, avoid contamination of the reverse osmosis membrane, improve its performance, and make the water produced effectively and healthy.

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