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The effect of ultrafiltration membrane technology on drinking water treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02

1. The impact of ultrafiltration membrane technology on the quality of drinking water

In the process of drinking water treatment, ultrafiltration membrane technology can be used as a pretreatment to purify the drinking water with a high aspect ratio. According to the effects of concentration, separation and purification, the water can meet the daily edible standards. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is extremely popular in sewage treatment. Since the water contains colloidal solutions, suspended solids and dissolved chemical substances, it will cause environmental pollution of uf membrane module. Therefore, in order to increase the service life and reduce the cost of sewage treatment, the ultrafiltration water supply should be prepared and treated in advance to ensure the safety of drinking water. Ultrafiltration membrane technology has played a very important role in the guarantee of drinking water quality in the future. effect.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

2. The role of ultrafiltration membrane technology in pretreatment
In order to make drinking water meet the edible standard and ensure the safety of drinking water, ultrafiltration membrane technology must be pretreated before being used in the water treatment process.
(1) Kill the common bacteria and algae in the water.
During the filtration process, the concentration of macromolecular substances and substances will adhere to the surface of the membrane. Under a certain nutrient natural environment, this kind of intercepting microbial strains will continue to develop and multiply, causing holes of uf membrane module to be blocked. Reducing agents such as calcium hydroxide and active oxygen must be added to the raw water for sterilization to prevent damage to the water body.
(2) Remove colloidal solutions and suspended solid chemical substances.
Some colloidal solutions and suspended solids can be removed, but not completely. Adding a coagulant to the raw water can effectively remove the chemical substances and suspended solids in the colloidal solution, and adding a coagulant when necessary can improve the actual removal effect.
(3) Remove soluble organic compounds in water.
Soluble organic compounds commonly found in water can easily damage hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and block the pores of the hollow fiber membrane. Air oxidation and activated carbon adsorption can be effectively removed. Generally, chlorine or potassium hypochlorite is used for air oxidation, and activated carbon filtration can also remove soluble organic compounds in water.

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