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The structure and performance advantages of uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about the safety of drinking water. Many industries need to use water purification equipment. However, ultrafiltration membrane is one of the main key components. Understanding the composition can better help your purchase.

uf filter membrane

1. The structure of uf filter membrane

Uf filter membrane is a microporous filter membrane with the same pore size specifications and models, and the rated ro uf membrane has a pore size range of 0.001-0.02μm. Applying a moderate working pressure on one side of the membrane can screen out the molecular structure of the substance with a concentration below the pore size, and separate particles with a relative molecular mass of more than 500 Daltons and a particle size of more than 2-20 nanometers. It is one of the early development and design of polymer material membrane separation. The ultrafiltration device was modernized in the 1960s.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

2. The development trend of uf filter membrane

It was founded by overseas students and Chinese professionals who have been engaged in membrane separation technology for many years. It is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and MBR membrane modules.

3. The application of uf filter membrane

It is widely used in various social and economic industries such as industrial production, medical and health, ecological environment protection, and people's daily life.

4. The performance advantages of uf filter membrane

(1). The removal efficiency of residue is high, and the water production and water body are much better than traditional methods.
(2). Thoroughly solve or greatly reduce the application of organic chemicals to prevent secondary pollution.
(3). The system software automation technology is convenient, and the stability is high. The operation is simple, and the device has only two switches.
(4). It has excellent organic chemical reliability, acid resistance, alkali resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and can be widely used in various industries.
(5). It can be applied to a wide range of PH, and can be applied to strong alkali, strong acid and various organic solution standards.

(6). High-precision filtration, which can reasonably filter harmful substances such as colloidal solution, bacteria, suspended solids and so on in the water.

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