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Water requirements for uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02

Correctly grasping and implementing the main parameters of actual operation is the key to long-term stable operation of uf filter membrane. The main parameters of actual operation generally include: flow rate, pressure, pressure drop, concentrated water consumption, recovery ratio and temperature.

uf filter membrane

1. Requirement parameters of inlet water flow rate of uf filter membrane

The flow rate refers to the flow angular velocity of the raw water on the membrane surface, and is the key practical operating parameter of uf membrane module in the ultrafiltration system. When the flow rate is large, it will not only cause kinetic energy consumption and excessive pressure, but also accelerate the decline of the collapse characteristics of uf membrane module. On the contrary, if the flow rate is small, the thickness of the additional surface layer produced by the interceptor on the surface of the membrane will expand, leading to the polarization of the concentration value, which will not only damage the water permeability, but also damage the water permeability.

2. Requirement parameters of inlet pressure of uf filter membrane

The working pressure range of hollow fiber uf membrane is 0.1 to 0.6 MPa, which means that within the definition range of the ultrafiltration membrane function, the working pressure problem that is generally used for aqueous solutions is solved. To separate chemical substances with different relative molecular masses, membranes with corresponding relative molecular masses must be used, and the actual operating pressures are also different. Common plastic case circuit breaker hollow chemical fiber internal pressure film, the shell compressive strength is less than 0.3MPa, and the hollow chemical fiber compressive strength is generally less than 0.3MPa, so the working pressure should be less than 0.2MPa, and the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane should not exceed 0.1MPa .

3. Requirement parameters of uf filter membrane recovery ratio and concentrated water consumption

In the ultrafiltration system, the recovery ratio and the consumption of concentrated water are a pair of factors that restrict each other. The recovery ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of water passed to the demand, and the consumption of concentrated water refers to the amount of water that is not discharged through the membrane. Since the amount of water supplied is equivalent to the sum of the concentrated water and the passing water, if the concentrated water consumption is large, the recycling amount is relatively small. In order to better ensure all the normal operation of the ultrafiltration system, a smaller concentrated water consumption of the parts and a larger recovery rate are required.

4.Uf filter membrane inlet water working temperature requirements parameters

The water permeability of the ultrafiltration membrane increases with the increase of temperature. Generally, the viscosity of the solution decreases with the temperature, thereby reducing the frictional resistance of fluidity and correspondingly increasing the water permeability. The specific temperature of the on-site liquid supply should be considered in the design of the construction project. Especially in seasonal changes, temperature adjustment should be considered when the temperature is too low, otherwise the permeability coefficient may change by about 50% with temperature changes. In addition, excessively high temperatures can also compromise the characteristics of the film. Generally speaking, the working temperature of the ultrafiltration membrane 3 should be 25±5°C, and the heat-resistant membrane raw materials and shell raw materials can be used for work at higher temperatures.

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