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Cleaning method of uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02


    During the operation of ultrafiltration filter, due to the interception effect of uf filter membrane, part of the intercepted matter can adhere to the surface of the membrane, and even the membrane pores will be blocked by finer intercepted matter, thereby reducing the membrane's water permeability . The quality of source water pretreatment can only solve the problem of environmental pollution. Even if the pretreatment is thorough, a small amount of impurities in the water will gradually harm the separation characteristics of the membrane due to accumulation over time, so it needs to be cleaned.

    uf filter membrane

    ① Manual cleaning is an initial but efficient method. It is only suitable for all kinds of detachable and detachable plate and frame uf filter cartridge. The method is to use a soft chemical substance (such as a sponge) to gently scrub the stains on the film, and wipe with tap water to remove many stains on the surface of the film. But there is nothing to do with the finer impurities in the deep film pores.

    ②The sponge ball cleaning method is dedicated to the cleaning of the internal pressure tubular uf filter cartridge. According to the diameter and size of the membrane tube, choose the sponge ball of the same specification, and use professional equipment to remove the stains by using the friction force between the sponge ball and the membrane surface according to the membrane tube. Sponge balls can be reused until the cleaning is complete.

    uf filter cartridge

    ③Isobaric hydraulic flushing method Any configuration of uf filter membrane can be cleaned by this method. The specific method is to close the water production gate valve and open the concentrated water inlet and outlet gate valves to flush the membrane surface at an expanded flow rate to remove many soft impurities on the membrane surface. The effect of isobaric flushing is also related to the number of consecutive cleanings.
    ④ The backwashing method is a method of washing from the reverse side (porous structure support point layer) of uf filter membrane to the front side (high-density layer). This is also a feasible cleaning method. After backwashing, isobaric washing is performed, and the cleaning effect is remarkable.
    ⑤The boiling water washing method uses heated water (30~40~C) to wash the surface of the film, which has a significant effect on removing these viscous and soluble impurities.
    ⑥Industrial pure water flushing method. Generally, the higher the water content, the stronger the solubility. In order to avoid wasting industrial pure water, you can use filtered pure water to remove many loose stains on the surface of the membrane, and then clean it with a pure water circulation system with a resistance of ≥ 1M12. The actual effect is better.

    ⑦The water-gas mixing cleaning method sends the purified compressed gas and water into ultrafiltration filter. The water-gas mixed liquid produces a strong stirring effect on the surface of the membrane, removing difficult-to-remove impurities, and the actual effect is also very good.

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