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Introduction to the application of uf filter membrane in the food industry

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02

With the development of society, natural, safe and nutritious foods have been recognized and warmly welcomed by everyone. Uf filter membrane is widely used in the food industry because of its low production and processing temperature, non-toxic, harmless, no residue, zero pollution, and high separation efficiency. Tubular, hollow or spiral membranes have different applications in the food industry, such as commodity production and processing, grade classification, concentration and sewage treatment.

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1. Uf filter membrane is used in the production and processing of vegetable juice.

The production and processing of the vegetable and fruit industry in my country can generate huge total fiscal revenues every year. However, due to the backward production and processing technology and industrial development, about 30% of the vegetables and fruits rot each year due to lack of storage and production and processing methods. Vegetable juice concentration is a very good storage method for vegetables and fruits. At present, ro uf membrane is used for the clarification and concentration of vegetable juices, over-clarification concerns, and sterility testing.

2. Uf filter membrane is used in brewing industry production.

Many manufacturers in our country choose uf filter membrane for the sterilization and turbidity removal of soy sauce and vinegar, the treatment of the deposition of low-alcohol liquor, health-care wine, and the removal of beer yeast. For example, microfiltration and ultrafiltration are used in the classification, stabilization, sterilization and quality improvement of pure grain wine.
(1) Soy sauce brewing.
Use ultrafiltration to clarify and sterilize the soy sauce to obtain high-clarity and high-quality soy sauce. Utilizing the selectivity of ro uf membrane, small molecular water-flavor chemicals such as carbohydrates, salt, organic matter in soy sauce pass through the membrane, and other macromolecular substances such as microbial cells, proteins, residue particles, etc. are intercepted, thereby obtaining complete transparency Soy sauce.
(2) Brewing beer.
After the beer is concentrated by RO reverse osmosis, due to the poor ability of the membrane to intercept ethanol, it is extracted together with a certain amount of liquid, and then concentrated with a diluent of a non-alcoholic aqueous solution (such as sterile water) to reduce the alcohol content and make the alcohol content Reach the alcohol-free standard below 0.5% (V/V). There is basically no difference in the taste of volatile chemicals, and the total loss rate of non-volatile chemicals is within 10%. Choosing 0.5μm diameter microfiltration for microfiltration of draft beer, the interception rate of protein and melanin is very low, the total number of microorganisms in the wine also meets the regulations, can achieve the purpose of sterilization, the chemical composition is ideal, especially the double The reduction of acetyl content promotes the taste of draft beer.
(3) Clarification of low-alcohol liquor
Pure grain wine often contains ethyl myristate, and oil contains ethyl acid, ethyl linoleate and other chemicals. Ethanol does not dissolve in water. When the alcohol content and temperature decrease, the solubility of this chemical substance decreases, resulting in turbidity of pure grain alcohol and endangering product quality. This kind of turbidity has small particle size and light ratio, and the basic method is not good. However, the quality of pure grain wine can be guaranteed through ultrafiltration filter.

In the operation of mechanical equipment, the staff should pay attention to the timely cleaning and non-time cleaning of uf filter membrane to reduce the blind spots and dead indoor space of the mechanical equipment; increase the material temperature; the application of disinfectants; the cleaning and storage of the membrane.

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