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Principles and characteristics of ultrafiltration membrane filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02

With the continuous development trend of production technology and continuous innovation of processing technology, ultrafiltration membrane filter is the key to pure water production. Uf membrane module is a new record technology with broad prospects in the 21st century in the international science and technology field. It is widely used in the separation and concentration and purification of chemical substances.

ultrafiltration membrane filter

1. Features of ultrafiltration membrane filter

(1). High precision: completely filter the chemical substances such as pathogenic bacteria, rust, colloidal solution, biological macromolecule organic compound and so on in the water. The preservation of nutrients that are beneficial to health, the microbial species and turbidity of the purified water are better than the quality standards of canned domestic water.
(2). Long service life: Because ultrafiltration membrane filter uses the basic principle of vertical cross filtration, it is automatically cleaned and is not easy to be dirty and blocked. Therefore, under all normal household conditions, the service life of the filter element is 30-50 times that of general water purifiers. .
(3). Large flux: It can be connected to the home for direct drinking, beauty and skin care, showering, taking, daily cleaning and other requirements.

(4). Low cost: Because ultrafiltration filter has a large flux, long service life, and maintenance-free, the cost of one ton of purified water is only about one yuan, which is much less than other purification equipment.

2. The principle of ultrafiltration membrane filter

Ultrafiltration membrane filter has one water inlet and two water outlets. When drinking water enters the machine, under the action of pressure, water and nutrients beneficial to the body seep out through the hollow capillary membrane; rust, colloidal solution, germs, and residues are directly discharged with the tap water.

Ultrafiltration filter is performed at room temperature and low voltage with low energy consumption, no heating, and no need to dosing to achieve the purpose of separation, concentration, separation, and purification grade classification. The installation structure is simple, the area is small, and the attached mechanical equipment is small, which is convenient for the expansion and promotion of parts.

ultrafiltration filter

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