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Chemical cleaning of ro membrane element

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02


    Introduction: Reverse osmosis system is a key component to complete reverse osmosis, and it is also a semi-permeable membrane made by artificial microorganisms. However, long-term use will produce many stains. Then how to clean reverse osmosis system with chemical water treatment, let everyone come today Learn about.

    ro membrane element

    1. Add enzyme and enzyme detergent, and use enzyme detergent to solve the treatment membrane. It is particularly reasonable for organic pollution, especially organic chemicals such as protein and oil. If it is stronger at 50℃-60℃, it usually runs within 10 days. After a day or half a month, use 1% enzyme detergent to press down and wash the membrane once. Because of the low concentration of commonly used enzyme additives, the prepreg time is long.
    2. The citric acid aqueous solution should be cleaned continuously or cyclically at 1%-2% under high pressure or low pressure. This method has a good cleaning effect on environmental pollution (OH)3.

    3. Add ammonia or different pH solutions to the ammonium citrate solution. You can also add HCL to the ammonium citrate solution to adjust the pH to 2-2.5. For example, dissolve 279g of amine citrate in 190L double-distilled water, and Adjust the pH value to 2.5, and then use the solution circulation system to wash in reverse osmosis system membrane system for 6 hours. The actual effect is very good. If the solution is heated to 35-40℃, the actual cleaning effect will be better. This solution has a good cleaning effect on inorganic chemicals, but the cleaning time is longer.

    reverse osmosis membrane cartridge

    4. Concentrated brine, membranes that have been punished by serious environmental pollution, can be cleaned reasonably. This is because the high concentration of brine will weaken the interaction between colloidal solutions and promote the aggregation of colloidal solutions to produce micelles.
    5. Dilute the hydrogen peroxide solution with 12L double steam, such as 0.5L, 30% H2O2, and then clean the surface of reverse osmosis system. This method is particularly reasonable for organic pollution.
    6. Calcium hydroxide and indoor formaldehyde solution. For fungal infection, different solutions are adopted according to different reverse osmosis membranes. The aromatic acrylic resin membrane can be cleaned with 1% (net weight) indoor formaldehyde solution, and the reverse osmosis concentrated water is continuously analyzed. , Maintain a permanganate index of 0.2-0.5mg/l to avoid the growth and development of pathogens.
    7. Hydrochloric acid and EDTA solutions are used to deposit hydroxide on reverse osmosis system, and it is best to clean with hydrochloric acid and EDTA solutions.

    8. The water-soluble moisturizing emulsion is very reasonable for cleaning reverse osmosis membrane cartridge contaminated by oil and compounds. Generally wash for 0.5-1 hour.

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