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Reuse of ro membrane element

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-02

As we all know, ro membrane element is a reverse osmosis membrane cartridge that can reasonably consider bacteria and debris in the water. In addition, it also has a service life as a consumable. When it is polluted by the environment or reaches the end of its service life, it must be disassembled and replaced. However, since the membrane separation technology is still a commonly used desalination technology for a long period of time in the following, the reuse of ro membrane element is currently a relatively effective and correct treatment method.

ro membrane element

1. Immediate reuse of ro membrane element

If ro system membrane still has high desalination performance, it can be immediately used for salt water with low seawater salinity. It is ideal to reuse the waste film without any solution. Before recycling, a comprehensive diagnosis must be performed, including component consistency, water diffusion coefficient, and interception rate. According to the test results, waste membranes generally need to be cleaned and resolved appropriately.

ro system membrane

2. Conversion and reconstruction of ro membrane element

The polyamide composite membrane is a ro system membrane widely used at present, which is composed of a non-cloth-proof layer, a polysulfone ultrafiltration support layer and a polyamide separation skin layer. Among them, the polyamide separation skin is easily oxidized and lacks separation performance. Therefore, the waste film can be converted and remanufactured.

3. Repair and reconstruction of ro membrane element

After a long period of use and continuous chemical water treatment, the interception performance is reduced, resulting in the production water body that cannot meet the water effluent regulations and is replaced. After removing the environmental pollution layer on the surface of the waste membrane to a large extent, through physical modification or organic chemical modification treatment, the separation performance of the membrane is repaired, and the potential difference, surface roughness, water absorption and other properties of the membrane surface are changed at the same time , To a certain extent, improve its chlorine resistance and stain resistance. At present, there have been a large number of scientific researches closely surrounding the surface modification of reverse osmosis membrane cartridge, but there are few practical applications in the repair treatment of waste membranes.

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