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Ro membrane element cleaning method steps

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-03


    Ro membrane element is a key preform of membrane separation technology. Due to the small diameter of the membrane, it can reasonably remove the dissolution of acid salts, colloidal solutions, micro-life, organisms, etc. in the water. All system software has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, zero pollution, simple processing technology, and simple actual operation. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry and industrial production.

    ro membrane element

    The most important part of ro membrane filter is ro membrane element, so ro membrane element must be cleaned on time. At present, the most effective ro membrane element cleaning program has physical and chemical methods.
    In the entire cleaning process, the physical method is to use the power of the machine to clean the air pollutants on the surface of reverse osmosis membrane cartridge. The entire cleaning process is reliable and does not easily cause environmental pollution chemicals. There are five different cleaning methods for a physical method.

    Manual cleaning method: Although relatively initial, it is indeed the most effective. This method can clean the stains on the surface of the membrane, but it cannot clean the small residues in the membrane holes;

    Isobaric hydraulic flushing method: It is mainly to clean the surface of reverse osmosis membrane cartridge by expanding the water flow, which can reasonably remove the soft residue on the membrane surface. This cleaning method is also applicable to other ultrafiltration membrane components;
    Backwashing method: Backwashing the membrane surface, this washing method is the most effective, and the washing is very quiet; the boiling water washing method is mainly used for these viscous, hot-soluble residues; water is mixed together to clean: in the ultrafiltration device, Compressed air and mixed with water can clean and agitate the membrane surface and remove residues.
    However, organic chemistry methods use chemical changes between a certain chemical substance and the surface of the film. To achieve the actual effect of cleaning the film. The use of chemicals is also strictly regulated. One is that the film material cannot be changed, and the other is that it cannot cause secondary pollution.

    In fact, both physical methods and organic chemistry methods are both good and bad, and you can choose the right solution according to your specific situation.

    ro membrane filter

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