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How to choose the model of ro membrane element

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-03

Introduction: In municipal engineering drinking water, seawater desalination, brackish water desalination and sewage deep solutions, ro membrane element is considered the most effective and economical core component. Because ro membrane element must be installed in a high-pressure vessel in the application, if there is no record of the model and specification of the membrane before, how to determine the model and specification when it must be replaced?

ro membrane element

The selection of reverse osmosis membrane models and specifications can generally be clarified according to the following procedures:

1.Reverse osmosis membrane brand

There are many choices of reverse osmosis membrane brand, which are divided into imported and domestic according to the place of production. The reliability, salt removal rate, service life and other factors of reverse osmosis membrane equipment are fully considered. Most of the reverse osmosis membrane machinery and equipment use imported reverse osmosis membranes. Such as the United States Dow, the United Kingdom Hyden Energy, the Netherlands Suez (formerly British GE), Japan Toray and so on.

2. Water production rate of ro membrane element.

According to the water production rate, it is clear to use 4040 membrane element or 8040 membrane element:
For reverse osmosis devices <3M3/h, 4040 membrane elements are mostly used;
For reverse osmosis devices> 3M3/h, 8040 membrane elements are mostly used.

3. Operating pressure of ro membrane element.

The operation of membrane for ro water purifier is usually provided by a high-pressure pump, and the operating pressures of different ro membrane element are also different. Therefore, the type of membrane can be distinguished according to the operating pressure of reverse osmosis:
1) Ultra-low energy consumption reverse osmosis membrane element with working pressure 0.8~1.0 MPa;
2) Energy-saving reverse osmosis membrane element with operating pressure 1.0~1.2 MPa;
3) When working pressure>1.5CPa, high desalination reverse osmosis membrane element can be selected;

4. Anti-pollution.

When treating sewage or complex groundwater, a membrane for ro water purifier with good anti-pollution performance should be selected to reduce or alleviate the risk of environmental pollution, pollution blockage or scaling. In many anti-fouling principles, the total width of the film and the gloss of the film surface have been recognized as the key index values of the anti-fouling characteristics of the film, and they are also key factors that customers must consider when choosing.

membrane for ro water purifier

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