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Professional knowledge of ro membrane element cleaning

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-03

Introduction: In order to make ultrafiltration filter use longer, it will be necessary to carry out some timely maintenance work, such as disassembly and replacement of consumables, which can also be understood as long-term use of equipment must be maintained on time. Ultrafiltration systems water treatment is used in the fields of desalination, separation and concentration of various solutions, the production of ultra-pure water systems in the fields of pharmacy and microorganisms, and the fields of domestic water. Many tiny chemical substances can be intercepted, and the effluent quality is also very high. However, it must be cleaned after a long time of use. In this issue, we will introduce some professional knowledge of ro membrane element cleaning in detail.

ro membrane element

1. Clean standard of ro membrane element.

In the following cases, physical cleaning has long been unable to repair the performance of ro membrane element, and chemical cleaning must be carried out at this time.
(1). Water production rate drops by 10-15% under standardized standards
(2). The system pressure difference between seepage and concentrated water rises to 1.5 times the initial value.

(3). Water production is reduced by 10-15%

2. Cleaning frequency of ro membrane element.

When the membrane is slightly contaminated, ro membrane element should be cleaned immediately. Moderate and severe pollution will endanger the actual cleaning effect due to factors such as the difficulty of organic chemicals to penetrate into the pollution layer and the difficulty of pollutants to break through the membrane. If the performance of the membrane is reduced to 30-50% of the standard value, it will be difficult to clean and repair the original performance of the membrane system.

The cleaning cycle time of the diaphragm depends on the specific pollution situation on site. All normal cleaning cycle times are once every 3-12 months. If cleaning more than once a month, the pretreatment must be improved, such as increasing project investment or redesigning the membrane system; if the cycle time for cleaning ultrafiltration filter is 1-3 months, attention should be paid to adjusting and improving the performance of ultrafiltration systems water treatment. Main operating parameters. Even if the system is pollution-free for a long time, in order to better ensure the normal operation of the system, a chemical cleaning can generally be considered every 6 months.

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