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ro membrane element desalination treatment method

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-03

Introduction:Ro membrane element is a common membrane component in pure water equipment, and most of our country uses well-known brands of Hyde Energy and Dow. Osmosis membrane filter is a common best ro membrane filter, which can also be called an RO water purifier, and is mainly used for desalination treatment with a reverse osmosis membrane.

Tips for using reverse osmosis pure water equipment

ro membrane element

1. Chemical cleaning ro membrane element

(1). Add enzyme detergent and use detergent containing enzymes to treat the membrane. It is particularly effective for the pollution of organic compounds, especially the pollution of organic compounds such as protein and raw oil. If the cleaning is at 50℃-60℃, the actual effect will be stronger. Generally, after running for 10 days or more than half a month, ro membrane element is cleaned with 1% enzyme detergent under the bottom pressure. Since the concentration value of commonly used enzyme detergent is low, the presoaking time is longer.
(2). Citric acid solution, use 1%-2% citric acid solution to clean the membrane continuously or cyclically under high pressure or bottom pressure. This method has a good practical cleaning effect on Fe(OH)3 pollution.
(3). Concentrated brine, it is reasonable to use concentrated brine to clean the membrane with serious colloidal pollution, because the higher concentration of brine can weaken the interaction between the colloidal solutions and promote the cohesion of the colloidal solution to produce micelles.
(4). Hydrogen peroxide solution, such as diluting 0.5L 30% H2O2 with 12L deionized water, and then cleaning the membrane surface, this method is particularly reasonable for the pollution of organic compounds.

(5). Water-soluble emulsified oil is used to clean membranes contaminated by oil and compounds, usually for 30-1 hours.

2. Physically clean ro membrane element

The physical cleaning method is to clean the membrane with water at low pressure and high flow rate for 30 minutes, which can repair the water permeability of the membrane to a certain extent, but with the passage of time, the permeability coefficient will still decrease. The mixed fluid of tap water and air can also clean the membrane surface under low pressure for 15 minutes. This method is the most effective way to clean the membrane contaminated by organic compounds in the early stage.

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