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Summary of factors affecting the use time of ro membrane element

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-03

Introduction: Use of ro membrane is under the action of higher than the osmotic concentration of the aqueous solution. This chemical substance and water cannot be separated by the semi-permeable membrane according to other chemical substances. The membrane diameter of ro membrane element is very small, which can reasonably remove dissolved acid salts, colloidal solutions, microorganisms, organic compounds, etc. in the water. The system has the advantages of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple processing technology, and simple actual operation. However, in the entire specific operation process, the consumption and service life of reverse osmosis ro membrane are damaged, which may endanger the service life of ro membrane element. The following are the factors that may affect it.

ro membrane element

1.Ro membrane element is not cleaned in time and the cleaning method is wrong, which causes the membrane performance to be damaged.

In the entire application process of the equipment, in addition to all the normal attenuation coefficients of performance, the attenuation coefficient of equipment performance due to pollution is more serious. The key to general pollution is organic chemical dirt, organic compound and colloidal solution pollution, microbial pollution and so on. Different pollution is mainly manifested as different diseases. There are also certain differences in the membrane fouling that different membrane companies clearly put forward.

2. Unreasonable actual operation of ro membrane element causes damage to membrane performance.

(1). The residual steam in the equipment runs under high pressure, and the generated steam hammer will destroy the membrane.
(2). The way to turn off the device is wrong:
(3). Improper disinfection and sterilization may cause microbial contamination.
Microbial contamination is a widespread defect in the application of composite polyamide membranes. Because the polyamide membrane has poor resistance to residual chlorine, no disinfectant such as chlorine is not properly dosed in the application. In addition, customers do not pay enough attention to microbial prevention, which can easily cause microbial contamination. Many manufacturers produce pure water with excessive microorganisms, which is caused by inadequate disinfection, sterilization, and maintenance.

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